Experience Review on the Best Dog Dryer for Home Use


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Home grooming can be messy. You need to have the best dog dryer for home use to make sure that your pet’s coat is well dried. Although towel drying works, it will not remove all the moisture on the doggo’s fur which can develop smell or matting if exposed to dust and pollution. Your pooch will roll on the grass, lie on the sand, and squeeze its body on that the hole he dug under the fence. If the coat is still wet, the muck will stick to the canine’s body.

Right now, you really don’t need much time to find a decent dryer. You can purchase one from Amazon or a physical store. But beware of misleading products that might harm your dog. Always perform your research and look for recommendations.

Why use a dryer in the first place

Remember that you’re not supposed to bathe your dog every day. So once you wash him, make sure that the coat is dried well to prevent bad odor and matting. Unlike cats, dogs aren’t known for self-grooming. Dust, mud, sand, and other substances can stick to their bodies and will stay there until you clean it. And if he always goes home covered with sand and soil, re-washing might result in a dog cold. The fix? Get the best dog dryer for home use.

A pile of dried leaves is also appealing for pooches. They will dive and roll into it only to turn into a rugged canine that hasn’t taken a bath for months.

Air and towel drying is okay, but it exposes your dog to the cold temperature for a long time. Drying with an electric fan might work, but it just increases the chills, especially during cold winter months. Vigorous towel drying can damage the coat of your dog, much so if he has skin allergies.

Take note that the regular dryers you use on your hair won’t cut it. This is the reason why dog groomers use a specialized dryer when tending to your pet. Since you won’t always bring your dog to the groomer just to give him a bath, the best dog dryer for home use will be handy. It dries the coat fast but in a safe manner.

If you’re using a dog dryer for the first time, here’s a demo on how to use it on a senior dog:

Types of dog dryers

Dog dryers come in three general types. It’s important that you purchase exactly what suits your dog. Each one of these has a specific purpose so take time to check the specs.

Stand dryers

A stand dryer is exactly what it is – a dog dryer with a stand. This allows you to use both hands when brushing and grooming the dog. Pet owners who have large breeds and dogs with long coats find stand dryers to be convenient. It’s also an excellent choice if your dog is giving you a hard time during grooming time. It offers more control plus you can leave your dog with it given that he’s behaved enough.

Take note that stand dryers don’t offer much power for dogs with very thick layers of fur like Chow Chows and Samoyeds.

High-Velocity Dryers

This type of dryer is commonly used by groomers because it blasts off the moisture instead of evaporating it with heat. The blasting power can be adjusted accordingly to suit the dog breed. This can be used for any doggo, but it’s best for double coated ones as well as those who have thick and long coats. The blasting effect of the dryer helps prevent tangles and shedding. It allows you to check the skin of your pooch for potential lesions or parasites.

No other dryer can dry the furs of Golden Retriever, St. Bernards, and Newfoundlands but a high-velocity one. It offers more power than any other model which is needed to send the dog hair flying.

Cage dryers

Many dogs despise hair dryers. For them, it’s a crazy, frightening machine that hums incessantly. If your dog keeps on running and giving you the snarls, a cage dryer would be the best option. You place your pooch on the kennel or cage and then hook the nozzle of the dryer on the railing. This may not point directly to their body, but the increased airflow will speed up drying. It’s better than letting them run around the house.

Use a cage dryer if you have a dog that can’t tolerate other types or if your breed has a finer coat. Otherwise, this won’t be the excellent choice. Even if you put this for hours on your Golden Retrievers cage, his coat won’t dry completely.

WARNING: A cage dryer isn’t the best dog dryer for flat-nosed breeds. Forcing extra air to them will cause breathing issues, or worse, a collapsing trachea.  These dogs can easily overheat so watch out on your dryer option.

Upsides of using a dog dryer

The first benefit of using this is it speeds up the drying phase after bathing. If you use a high-velocity dryer, it will blow the fur which will make it easier for you to comb and brush. Meanwhile, both stand and cage dryers will allow you to dry your dog hands-free. Some dog dryers also have heaters which is good so you can straighten the fur or give added warmth to the dog during winter.

A dedicated dog dryer will also prevent overheating usually associated with the use of regular dryers. Take note that since other dryers have heaters on them, you have to be careful in temperature increments.

Downsides of using a dog dryer

The noise is one thing. Crappy high-velocity dryers are louder since blows air from a poorly constructed system. Your dog may hate this part and loathe the process of grooming. Dog dryers can cause damage to the eyes, nose, anus, and ears if you’re not careful. Like what I said earlier, flat-nosed dogs have high sensitivity to the wind force that can injure their trachea.

Other than that, there’s nothing to worry about using a dog dryer. As long as you pay attention to the drying, nothing should go wrong.

Things to look for the best dog dryer

You surely want to get the dryer that suits your dog. The first step to this is knowing the features you should look for. Here are some of the usual features you should look for:

Airflow level

Too hot and it will damage your doggo’s skin, too cold and it will not dry efficiently. Check the airflow level range of the dryer to know if its suits your pet. Pick the best dog dryer for home use with enough air pressure to dispel the moisture out of your pooch’s coat. If you’re not sure of the airflow level, ask your groomer about the setting he uses for your dog.

Portability and durability

Dog dryers aren’t made equal. They come in different shapes and sizes so make sure that you get one that you can store easily. Aside from convenience, make sure that you get the dryer that suits your dog’s needs.

Variable speed

If you only have one dog breed at home, a single-speed dryer will be excellent. There’s nothing else you have to set. But if you have multiple dogs with varying breeds, a variable speed dryer is best. This way, you can adjust the speed based on their coat type.

Air filter type

Look for dryers with easy-to-clean filters so you can take less time maintaining the equipment. An air filter that can be removed without using any tools will be excellent.

Hose quality

Using a dryer with a heater regularly can cause cheap hoses to crack or break. Always invest in a dryer with a durable spiral-wound hose since this will last longer and cost less.

Sound level

Opt for polymer housing since metal casings tend to amplify the noise when the dryer is on. Also, a variable speed dryer will be more discreet plus it gives you the versatility of adjusting the settings. Dog dryer engineers will know that a monster dryer machine won’t work for canines. But as much as dog dryers are designed to be quiet, it’s not totally silent. Just get the dryer with the least noise.

CFM and horsepower

CFM or Cubic Feet per Minute is how fast a dryer can fill one cubic foot with air. When it comes to horsepower, just don’t make a big deal out of it. CFM is the true basis of functionality here.

Non-heated option

We know that this depends on personal preference, but we don’t recommend the use of heated dryers. If you want the heating effect during colder days, purchase a dryer that has a heat switch.

Top Dog Hair Dryers for Your Dog

Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

For a professional level dog grooming at home, the Go Pet Club Pet Grooming Hair Dryer would be excellent. This is a high-velocity, variable speed dryer that can be adjusted within the two levels of heat and speed. When operating, this hums quietly which is best for dogs intolerant of the buzzing machine noise. The hose is also of high quality and can last for long.

This is very affordable and can pit on the model that your groomer uses, but with less noise. Just make sure that you brush as you dry to avoid tangles and matting. There’s no risk of burning here but you should know what you’re doing.

It can dry for as fast as 15 minutes and will blow the hair really good. The good thing about this dryer is you can switch between hot and cold settings. Take note, it can literally dry a horse so there’s no reason why it won’t work on your doggo.

SHELANDY Adjustable Dog Blower with Heater

If you’re still not satisfied with the features of the Go Pet Club dryer, the SHELANDY Adjustable Blower will be an excellent choice. It also bears an adjustable speed and a temperature switch from cold to warm. The best part here is the four layers of noise reduction technology so your dog won’t go bonkers once you turn this one.

What we love the most about SHELANDY is the four removable nozzles including a comb-like piece. You no longer have to use a separate comb while you blow dry the doggo’s fur. This is an excellent high-velocity blower since almost everything is adjustable.

The long and springy hose is a bonus here for large breeds. It will take you a maximum of 20 minutes to dry a malamute with this equipment. This is the best dog dryer for home use even for doggos with sensitive skin.

Flying Pig Grooming Dog Force Dryer and Heater

Another high-velocity option that we like is the Flying Pig Dryer. It has adjustable heat and wide CFM range to suit all dog breeds. It boasts a 10-feet long durable hose so you can move around with ease while drying the dog’s coat.

The filter is very easy to clean and it’s important that you remove the gunk after every use. This dirt can make the dryer overheat if you turn on the heat setting. Other than that, this is a mighty little dryer that does the job.

The casing of this equipment is metal which can have a little issue with noise. But based on experience, it doesn’t clutter that much plus it adds durability the equipment. It stood firmly while we are grooming and it doesn’t produce any noise even if tilted on the side.

The best dog dryer for home use should be based on your canine’s breed and condition. If he dislikes the blowing force, you can opt for a cage or a stand dryer. But I can’t recommend high-velocity types enough since it dries excellently than the two other models. Still, up to you here.