What is the BEST Dry Dog Food for English Bulldogs? Here 2 Great Options


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English Bulldogs are stocky breeds, way larger than its Frenchie cousin. They are one of the most famous breeds due to their adorable personality that defeats the stereotype to their physical appearance. As much as English Bullies are excellent pets, they also have exquisite diet needs. As their hooman, it’s your responsibility to sustain the energy requirements of their bodies. The best dry dog food for English bulldogs will help suffice their nutritional requirements. Kibble is easier to feed and many dogs love it.

English Bulldog diet

A well-balanced diet helps to maintain the health of your Bully. It’s best to feed them twice a day or more, but make sure that your spread the day’s food allotment in numerous servings. This breed is omnivores which means they eat both meat and non-meat food items. But like any dog, make sure that you pack his meal with protein, carbs, and fats. You can look for dry food that has a combination of veggies, fruits, and meat for optimal nourishment.

Take note that English bulldogs are prone to flatulence if you feed them large amounts in one sitting. This increases the risk of gastric torsion. This is when the stomach gets overstretched due to excessive gas. With that, dry food is the best dog food for bulldogs since it’s not prone to spoilage which can piss their stomachs.

Here, dog expert Steve Pelletier discusses what you should know about the English Bulldog diet:

Why dry food?

There’s a constant discussion about wet food and dry food among pet owners. But what makes dry food is its convenience and non-spoiling characteristics. You can fill the dog bowl and your dog can munch it whenever he wants without spoilage. The kibble also bears a unique shape intended to clean the teeth of the bulldog. Vets recommend it as a dental care supplement, especially for large dogs with bigger chompers.

Dry food is also easy to store and cheaper than wet versions. Also, it has lower protein which is excellent since bulldogs need less of this food component. You can also leave the leftover kibble on your Bully’s dish bowl without worrying about spoilage. Unlike wet food that should be thrown after an hour, the best dry dog food for English bulldogs is preferable.

Choosing dry food for adult and senior Bulldogs

Take note that English Bulldogs have flat faces and short muzzles which makes it difficult for them to pick up food. Their mouths are smaller too and have less space for teeth. This may result in dental issues, especially if you feed them with the wrong food. Also, some Bullies find it hard to take in air while chewing.

The solution to this is to get a specialist food. This food is made for a specific dog breed. The formulation of the kibble factors in the size, age, breed, and condition of the doggo so pet owners can provide excellent nourishment.

Remember that older dogs will need less energy than growing pups. The best person to ask about your dog’s nutritional requirement is your veterinarian. He or she can assess the nutritional requirement of your Bulldog so you can find the best dog food for Bulldogs

Some food issues to keep in mind

English Bulldogs have very sensitive stomachs compared to other breeds. You should know what food items cause allergies and diseases. Here are some points to remember:

Toxic food

Never feed a Bully with raw bread dough. This will expand in their stomach and cause excessive flatulence. They will also find it hard to breathe. Also, raisins and grapes expose bulldogs to kidney diseases. Take note that these food items are also harmful to all dogs but bulldogs, for one, have a higher risk of kidney problems.


Again, bulldogs are notorious for farting. This isn’t just about the smell or noise. Excessive gas on their stomach can result in unintended consequences.

Excessive protein

Adult bulldogs need less protein than their pups and other dog breeds. But this doesn’t mean you will deprive them of enough supply. Bullies grow fast and too much protein will stress their musculoskeletal system. Too much protein will also damage their kidneys.

Best Food Options for English Bulldogs

CANIDAE All Life Stages Dog Food

Trusted by thousands of pet owners and vets, the CANIDAE All Life Stages is the best dry dog food for English bulldogs. It has a decent protein concentration from fish, lamb, turkey, and chicken. It doesn’t have corn, soy, or wheat that can piss the stomach of your English buddy.

Although this isn’t a specialist dog food, it has a formulation that works for a range of large dog breeds. It’s suited for puppies up to seniors; however, check the energy requirements of your dog before feeding him with this.

This is a vet-formulated dry food which makes it very safe for all doggos. Be mindful of your pooch’s food allergies – you know the drill.

Royal Canin Bulldog Breed Health Nutrition

Now, here’s a specialist and the best dog food for bulldogs we can’t recommend enough. The Royal Canin Nutrition has balanced fibers that target to reduce flatulence among bulldogs so there would be less farting and uneasiness. It also promotes bone health which is crucial for breeds like English Bulldogs.

What we’re obsessed about this kibble is its wavy shape that helps Bullies pick up food with their small muzzles. The formulation is also very effective in toning down stool odor and promoting skin health for the English doggo.

Just take note that this dry food is for bulldogs over 12 months old. Sure, this is not the most affordable option, but boy, you can’t find anything else like it.

The best dry dog food for English bulldogs is a bit tricky to find. You have to be finicky to avoid pissing the stomach of your adorable pooch. There are lots of options nowadays, but it’s important that you practice caution to evade misleading marketing ploys.