Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds – Which One Should I Get For My Home?


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Guard dogs may look intimidating, but they are always in demand. Households who want a pet that can double as a guard give them a sense of relief over the rising cases of break-ins and burglary. Although you can install CCTVs and sound alarms, having the best guard dog breeds for families with children is unbeatable.

Moscow WatchdogHeight: 25-27 in.
Weight: 45-68 kg.
American Pitbull TerrierHeight: 17-19 in.
Weight: 13-38 kg.
BullmastiffHeight: 2-2 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 45-59 kg.
RottweilerHeight: 22-27 in.
Weight: 38-59 kg.
Doberman PinscherHeight: 2-2.4 ft.
Weight: 27-36 kg.
AkitaHeight: 24-28 in.
Weight: 31-50 kg.
BoxerHeight: 1 ft. 9 in- 2 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 27-32 kg.
BeauceronHeight: 24-28 in.
Weight: 50 kg. max.
KuvaszHeight: 2 ft.- 2 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 31-53 kg.
German ShepherdHeight: 1 ft. -2 ft. 2 in.
Weight: 34-43 kg.

When we talk about what are good guard dog breeds, they aren’t the adorable and yappy Pugs, Beagles, or Golden Retrievers. These guys are too friendly to send intruders running. You need the toughies that are bred and trained to be in attack mode the moment they sense danger.

However, it’s important to remember that even though guard dogs are tough cookies, they can also be cinnamon rolls. You have to give them the TLC they need to stay healthy and in top shape. They should be pets first before they are treated as guard canines.

1. Moscow Watchdog

From its name, it’s undeniable that this dog breed is one for guarding. The Moscow Watchdog is a giant doggo and imbibes a powerful and threatening look. Despite their size, their agility is exceptional and they can launch a high-speed chase to intruders who will try to break-in to your property.

It’s said that the Moscow Watchdog is a mix between a Saint Bernard and Caucasian Shepherd which is quite undeniable based on their appearance. They are produced to be intimidating and trainable dogs for the Russian Army.

With this, the Moscow Watchdog is naturally protective, alert, and aloof to strangers. They are loyal to their owners but you can’t expect them to be cuddly and playful. Still, you can train them to be friendly and calm around family members and friends.

Take note that this breed isn’t an apartment and an indoor dog. They thrive as watchdogs for large property yards or spacious areas where they can run freely. Moscow Watchdogs require a firm and experienced owner that can keep up with their high activity requirements and temperament.

2. American Pitbull Terrier

When we say Pitbull, the first thing to come in mind is an aggressive and fearsome dog. This bad reputation is actually a product of the abuse that happened in underground dog fighting rings. But if you handle them well, you can channel their prey drive as one of the best guard dog breeds for families with children.

Contrary to the stereotypes, Pitbulls that are well-domesticated and raised with affection can be great family dogs too. In fact, they are great with kids and tolerable of their herky-jerky behavior. Although they can be good-natured, they have a tendency to show aggressiveness to people who show the same violence.

Based on their history, Pitbulls used to be hunting and guarding dogs against animal intruders. But due to domestication and continuous breeding, there are Pitbulls that have lower aggression and prey instinct. Still, their size and intimidating look can strike fear to anyone with dark motives.

If you’re wondering what are good guard dog breeds, Pitbulls are probably good options. But remember that some apartment buildings ban this breed.

3. Bullmastiff

With their domineering and large appearance, Bullmastiffs are called “the Beasts”. They are large and not one to mess with because they are standoffish to strangers. Still, they have a heart for their families and can be great dogs for kids. But watch out since their hefty build can knock a toddler off. They will bite if needed, but most of the time, they impose their authority through their size.

Bullmastiffs don’t bother if they are left alone. They suit apartments and homes where both parents are working. They aren’t the barky type but they can show aggressive toward strange animals. Although they will consume a big space due to their size, it’s proportionate to their guarding ability. They will defend their homes and families with their life.

One more thing, Bullmastiffs have a very high pain tolerance. It’s hard to tell if they are hurt or not which is good when they are on their guard dog mode. Still, you should check for injuries that may compromise their health.

4. Rottweiler

One of the best guard dog breeds for families with children is the Rottweiler. They were used to drive cattle within the herd and pull carts for their butcher owners. Take note that they are dominating and they will impose their authority if they aren’t handled well. Rottweilers can be aggressive and dangerous too if they aren’t trained early on.

Right after their herding job, they were picked as police dogs as assistants and sniffing canines. They have a fearing growl and appearance which makes them a perfect fit as a guard dog. Anyway, it’s surprising that this dog breed can be excellent family pets and can be affectionate with kids. They are mellow dogs but their prey drive will kick in when needed.

If you train a Rottweiler well, you can tame their imposing nature. They are intense barkers which are excellent in driving intruders away. But if you have another doggo in the house, you have to be careful since Rottweilers resent other pets.

Note: Although this dog is the answer to what are good guard dog breeds, owning a Rottweiler may demand you to carry extra liability insurance.

best guard dog breeds for families with children

5. Doberman Pinscher

Well, if you’ve seen some dog movies, you’ll know that Doberman Pinschers are always the villain canines that will try to defeat the hero doggo. True enough, they have a very intimidating and fearsome appearance, enough for the neighbors to maintain substantial distance from your fence. Dobermans have a muscular appearance and one of the best guard dog breeds to date.

Their guarding nature roots from their origin in Germany where they are produced as guard dogs with high levels of intelligence. In fact, they can tell the difference between family members and strangers. Despite their firm look, they are easy to train and can be obedient and loyal to their owners.

Take note that Dobermans have a low tolerance to kids, but the consolation here is their low wanderlust tendencies. They will stay in your place and guard it efficiently. Their ears are always attentive and on point to detect hush sounds from a potential enemy. Dobermans are formidable guardians and they shouldn’t be confined to small apartments or left alone most of the time.

6. Akita

This fluffy dog from Japan isn’t a softie. Akitas were bred during the time of Feudal Japan where samurai and sword fighting add up to the very mean era. They were tasked to hunt and chase wild boar and even daunting bears.  Also, they were dog breeds who are responsible to guard the royalty and nobility of their owners. This history gave them a combination temperament of devotion, alertness, loyalty, and eagerness.

Akitas are tough but if trained well, they will be affectionate to their owners. However, they aren’t best for homes with kids and those that are frequently visited by strangers. Akitas are aloof and will have their guards up when someone they don’t know approaches.

Akitas are known for their confident gait and affinity to barking. They are both willful and stubborn, but this can be fixed because they are very easy to train.

Take note that a prolonged eye contact with an Akita is an invitation for a challenge. They will respond with aggression or chase the person or pet involved in the staring game.

7. Boxer

Do you know why Boxers are named as such? Because they have a unique ability to stand on their back legs and “punch” with their front ones. And this name isn’t just in vain. They can sniff and detect intruders the moment they step on your property. Boxers are loyal, alert, and intelligent dogs which is excellent in the protection aspect. They are also one of the best guard dog breeds for families with children.

Despite their stocky and seemingly “bossy” look, Boxers are affectionate to their families and kids. They can be friendly to strangers too but can be trained to be aloof and in doubt in the presence of other people.

Take note that although Boxers are large and muscular, they shouldn’t be left outdoors. Their flat noses are sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. It’s best to have them as indoor guards in case someone tries to break in on your property. What are good guard dog breeds? You can never go wrong with Boxers.

Although boxers are fairly friendly, they can become overprotective with their homes, something that’s good if you want a strict guard at your door. And since they have a history as police dogs, they are one of the excellent candidates for your guarding job.

8. Beauceron

Another hunting and herding dog is the Beauceron. They are the least popular, but if you want protection and guarding for your home, they are impeccable. Beauceron dogs love it when they are given a task, in this case, it’s watching over your home. Proof to their excellent guarding prowess is their history as mine detector and sniffers of the French Army during the World War II.

Like the Doberman breed, they have pointed ears that are always alert and ready to launch an attack. They are known to be brave, intelligent, and obedient with a keen watch against strangers and potential intruders.

As a herding dog, Beauceron may exhibit their herding nature to humans which, as the owner, you should try to tame. It will also happen when they see other canines outdoors. Proper training will usually help ease this nature.

Beauceron dogs can thrive in a small apartment, but you should be willing to provide them with daily exercise. If you’re planning to get one, you might as well have a large yard that they can explore and guard.

9. Kuvasz

Kuvasz looks like Labrador Retrievers but with thick and wavy white coat. They are flock-guarding canines from Hungary and are known for their aloofness and suspiciousness to strangers. Kuvasz’ origin dates back to as much as 2,000 years and they are considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds.

Kuvasz dogs are affectionate to their owners as a one-family dog, but they aren’t the best bet for those with toddlers and babies. Older children that can respect their space will do well on this dog. If you’re thinking what are good guard dog breeds, you can consider Kuvasz as one.

As much as they are loyal to their families, they are highly aloof and suspicious of strangers. They will attack a person they aren’t familiar with. Still, they can be trained to have the right combination of courage and tact.

10. German Shepherd

Popular as a service dog, German Shepherds are loyal, friendly, loving, and devoted companions. They are also known to be reliable watchdogs that have the right aloofness to strangers but with caution as to who they should be suspicious of. The best thing about German Shepherds is they have a high tolerance with kids and can be friendly to strangers if need be.

German Shepherds are fearless and confident but they are far from aggressive. They will love their owners and defend them until the end. Make sure that you keep busy like letting them romp on your yard to prevent them from chewing or digging.

What do you think of these best guard dog breeds for families with children? Let us know below!

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