10 Best Large Dog Breeds for Seniors and Anything You Should Know About


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Many people, especially dog lovers out there, are living proofs that this four-legged animal can offer lots of benefits to humans. There are also studies that show the advantages of dog ownership of older people. Moreover, not all breeds are good for them. There are best large dog breeds for seniors that can accompany them in their daily living that could give them more benefits.

Benefits of the Best Large Dog Breeds for Seniors

Advantages of owning a furry buddy of elderly people come in different ways. This advantages may include blood pressure lowering and reduction of cholesterol and triglycerides. Feeling of loneliness is also decreased while increasing the chance of mingling with others are also included. Moreover, having a doggy companion may decrease the pressure from the surroundings and provide delight to elderly people.

Other benefits of having the best large dog breeds for seniors are:

1. Acquiring a pet, especially dogs may lower the risk associated with cardiovascular diseases in elderly people.

2. Elder people who want to have a good overall wellness should have to own a doggy. It is the best thing that they can do since it may reduce their blood pressure and maintain the level of healthy cholesterol.

3. Walking with your canine friend may create an excellent bond between human and this four-legged animal. A walk in the park accompanied by the best large dog breeds for seniors can decrease the body mass index. Moreover, it brings up exercising moderately most of the time.

4. The human-animal connections developed through daily walking with the best large dog breeds for seniors are also effective in reducing cancer, autism, and even give a positive effect on their economic growth.

5. Canines can improve the health of their human companion and give a relevant contribution on the health expenses of the economy.

6. Dog ownership of elder people may result to great improvement and taking care of themselves. Things related to self-care that are improved includes eating, exercise, and health and wellness status.

7. Having a pet dog may relaxes and calms the heart of an elderly which may lead to better wellness and overall health.

8. Moreover, owning a dog helps a lot people with depression and improve cognition of elders.

9. Dogs that accompany seniors may promote their social well-being.

10. Generally, owning a dog of elderly people may enhance the level of dopamine and serotonin, thus improving their mood.

11. Having best large dog breeds for seniors may also decrease the chances of going to doctors clinic.

12. Canine companions also give chance to seniors to mingle with new people.

Moreover, there are the best large dog breeds for seniors that an elderly must need to choose appropriately. Here are some tips that you might need to consider in order for you to own the best large dog breeds for seniors.

Tips for Choosing the Best Large Dog Breeds for Seniors

In times an elderly may decide to own a canine buddy to accompany them in their daily activity, there are some things that they might have to think over. Better to consider these things before buying one. It is very vital to take into account not only the dog’s breed but also the elder’s needs of owning one. Moreover, there are some community policies that should also be taken into considerations. Below are some key points that must need to remember.

Dog’s breed

As age adds up to an individual’s life, options in acquiring dogs may be very selective. A dog that has an active lifestyle may not be applicable for seniors. This is most likely true if the elder has some concerns over his physical aspects that may lead to some issues of safety.

Moreover, various kind of breeds have unique demands for their cleaning maintenance and degree of training. Also, there are some breeds that may cause concern for the residents and owners of shared communities. In addition, few breeds are prone to some medical issues.

Dog’s Age

What makes an ideal dog to elderly people is also a senior dog. They can accompany seniors in some great ways. Moreover, they can still be trainable and are less vigorous. Also, the life span of a dog is also another thing that is very much related to dog’s age.

Dog’s behavior

The behavior of a dog is generally unique, even the breed is concerned. To be able to know that the dog is really the senior’s match, better to interact and play first with the dog before buying one.

Health concerns of the owner or the elderly

It is very important to take into account the health issues of the senior owner. Consider some issues on posture and balance that might affect the elder’s requirement for walking. Or, also take into account some oxygen tubes that can tempt those doggies to have some chews.

Source of dog’s care

In choosing a dog especially for elderly, one must consider where the care for the dog should be coming in the event that the elderly may not able to do such responsibility. Also, grooming needs, vets check-up, pet supplies or dog sitting should be checked if those can be given by the senior owner. Check also if there is a nearby Pet Care clinic within the community.

Regulations within the community

Before purchasing the best large dog breeds for seniors, better to verify carefully for any requirements of owning a dog within the community. There are some communities that have regulations regarding dog size restrictions. An important thing that an elderly must do is to let his canine companion approved by the community. Show evidences that he is already trained and most likely, show documents of the dog’s medical status.

Moreover, aside from its excellent effects and benefits to people and elderly, there are also specific dog breeds that can execute a great job in accompanying elderly people. But, basically their innate characters make them an ideal breed for this kind of people. To identify what are those best large dog breeds for seniors, we provide below a list of those breeds. You might check this out and find the best large dog breeds for seniors into your family.

Best Large Dog Breeds for Seniors

Just like what we have been discussed earlier, having a dog of your own may have a great impact to your life. It may boost and improve your daily living in various ways. Moreover, the best time to own a canine friend is during the senior years. This is much likely true in times that an elder may find the best large dog breeds for seniors. However, you might discover that the dog traits you have to look for are far unique.

Here is the list of best large dog breeds for seniors that are definitely appropriate for them. A furry friend that can provide them assistance and can accompany them most of the time. Someone that can help them to take care of themselves. And a companion that can boost them to engage even in a slight active work.

Canines maybe in any size, shape, and breed. This simply means that there is a specific dog suitable for all individual, even the elderly. As a summary of its benefits, bringing home a dog may reduce the blood pressure, decrease the levels of stress, and most of all, it boost one’s level of happiness. Although, you are already a senior, there is no excuse to have a dog of your own. Explore those best large dog breeds for seniors below to have an idea of the things that they could do.

1. Italian Greyhound

This is one of the best large dog breeds for seniors. However, despite of their size, they are a very manageable furry buddy. Also known as “Iggies”, they have this characteristic of being affectionate. That’s one good reason why they belong to the best companion dog breed for elderly. Moreover, the life expectancy of the Italian Greyhounds may last to a minimum of 12 up to 15 years. This breed also has an innate characteristic of being friendly. More so, they are very suitable for small sized houses and apartments. But, they just need a little more time to exercise in a day.

2. Goldendoodle

Another breed that belongs to the best large dog breeds for seniors is the Goldendoodle. This is a mix breed that comes from the combination of Golden Retriever and poodle. Because of it, this breed tends to be an affectionate type of doggy. Moreover, this behavior makes him to be one of the best companion dog breed for elderly. Another thing is that the Goldendoodle has a characteristic of always moves around that’s why it demands for an everyday exercise. Due to its intelligence, naturally active and playful, this breed is a good breed of choice for elderly.

3. Beagle

This dog breed has an innate characteristics of being a loud dog. However, due to its friendliness, it belongs to the group of the best large dog breeds for seniors. Moreover, as a playful breed, it will lead to have an active lifestyle. The good thing is they only need a little demand for grooming. Aside from that, they can mingle well with kids.

4. French Bulldog

This best dog breed companion for elderly physically have big ears that greater characteristics. Unfortunately, the French Bulldogs are hard to train. However, they have lesser activity and grooming is not a problem for them. That’s why they deserve to be the best dog breed companion for elderly.

5. Otterhound

Compared to other dog breeds, the Otterhound is not that popular. However, regardless of their popularity they are good as the best large dog breeds for seniors. Their life span can last up to 12 years of age. Another thing that makes it an ideal companion for elderly is that it just demands for an average exercising routine on a regular basis. In addition, it is dependable and very passionate. It is also an intelligent breed and independent as well.

6. Scottish Terrier

Another best companion dog breed for elderly is the Scottish Terrier that demands for an average exercise. Because of this, an elderly tends to have an active lifestyle. But, a regular walks and not a vigorous run may do so. Although quiet, they bark loudly instead of making a yap. Their best behavior are being passionate and dependable canine companion.

7. Boston Terrier

This breed is the couch potatoes among the list. It is because they are very fond of having time with their owner. This behavior of the Boston Terrier makes them the best companion dog breed for elderly. Their character is excellent and are very manageable for seniors. They are very passionate furry friend and calm. Their less grooming needs make them an ideal breed of choice for elderly.

8. Labrador Retriever

Next in line for the best large dog breeds foe seniors is the Labrador Retriever. They are very sociable and smart doggy. Because of these qualities, they become a great choice for elderly. However, they should be given enough exercise that they demand for. Moreover, an apartment is not enough for this dog breed. What makes them happy is having a large yard to run around and play into. Being an excellent watchdog, they are also affectionate and dependable too.

9. Schipperke

The life of this dog breed can last up to 15 years. Their characteristics of being an excellent breed of choice for seniors are being active and playful. Moreover, this doggy has the same look or physical appearance with that of a fox. They are very confident however, you need to focus your time to them in order to train them.

10. Bulldog

Among the other best companion dog breeds for elderly, the Bulldogs have a shorter life expectancy . But, they can be a great canine buddy, regardless of the owner’s age. They are very friendly breed even if it doesn’t show with their looks. Bulldogs really appreciate to be always with their human companion and they don’t require much of vigorous exercise. Because of this, their diet should be monitored.

Canines can be relatively helpful to elderly people regardless of their breed. This four-legged animal can be their buddy, mood enhancer, and excellent for mingling with others and exercising routines. Moreover, they demand for their owner’s attention and concern. However, they can reciprocate the love to their human companion also. This animal can result to providing deeper significance to the life of a senior.

Dog-human Bonding Real-life Stories

Below are some of the true to life stories of seniors and their doggy companions who found happiness in their daily living. These dog-human connections make them the best of buds. Let’s us try to witness their companionship and find out how they affect each other’s lives.

Duncan The Doggo

Dogs can boost the physicality and overall wellness of their senior companion. Even at the age of eighty, Art is still going to work in the office. Despite of this he still manage to walk with his dog in a regular basis. And for him, Duncan, his dog is very generous and accommodating. During their walking routines and out of towns, Duncan is not able to draw him out of his cane.

Sometimes, Duncan goes to the office with Art. Even in the workplace, Duncan is being loved by people not only by Art. Moreover, the companionship of Art and Duncan doesn’t just end in the office. In fact, according to Art, restaurants within the community let him to have Duncan over his dinner. Because of this, Duncan become the celebrity canine within the community.

What’s amazing with the story of Art and Duncan is the fact that Duncan is a dog that survive the striking hit of cancer. Like other cancer patients, he had chemotherapy and surgery in order to handle his cancer. According to Art, Duncan fought his illness at the age of 13. Art even confides that,

“Duncan’s way of dealing with chemotherapy and surgery due to his cancer makes me able to realize the pain and trials that he felt during the treatment.”

Also based on Art, some of the members of his family passed away due to cancer. But, during those times of their sufferings he was not always around to witness the pain of cancer treatments. And because of Duncan he was able to feel and know it all.

Duncan and Art story is a very inspiring one. It is not only that Duncan maintains the activeness of Art during his senior age, Art also made his job as a human companion to Duncan. He takes care of him and make Duncan feel that he is being loved during the times of his treatment.

The Tail-wager Tuxedo

The extraordinary story of the tail-wager Tuxedo goes with the idea of taking over a canine friend from other member of the family. The story of Tuxedo generates from adopting him to his original human companion. Actually, Tuxedo is a doggy friend of Jerry, the grandson of Barb and Paul. He is now an adopted canine bud of Barb and Paul who are already seniors.

Moreover, this tail-wager is a living hero for Jerry, his first human companion. He saved Jerry’s life through alarming people who are around them about the incident happened to Jerry during their evening walk. Jerry did not observe the absence of guardrails in the bridge that he was passing. He fell from that bride and got serious injuries. Only few cars pass on to that road.

What Tux, in short for Tuxedo, did was followed Jerry down and attempted to get him out of the situation. Tux immediately went up in the middle of the bridge. He barked on the approaching car to caught the driver’s attention. Gladly, Tux succeeded on this.

The driver stopped the car and get out of it. He attempted to get Tux. However, Tux immediately ran to the place where Jerry was lying. Because of it Jerry and Tux got help. Tux is really a hero for Jerry.

Jerry regained his health after the incident in his grandparents home. During that recovery period, Tux was still on his side. On the time that Jerry are fully recovered and are already able to care for himself alone, he made up his mind to let Barb and Paul provide care to Tux.

Jerry’s grandparents, Barb and Paul, are both eighty years old and already retired. According to Barb, Tux made big changes in their lives. Even though they are still active in their senior years, this tail-wager puts lot of meanings in their lives. In times that they give Tux some treats through their hands, he carefully eat those treats.

Moreover, Tux is very loyal to Paul. There comes a time that Paul got illness and he needed to be in the hospital for more number of days. Barbs told that,

“During those times, Tux ate scantily. He just only staring over the front door most of the time while sitting on a chair.”

The above stories are just proofs that the bond between dogs and humans, especially those elderly, are an excellent tandem. Aside from reminding them of those family members who have already gone, canine companions maintain the activeness of those seniors. Furthermore, they can produce positive representation of the community. In payment for this action of those furry buds, the elderly offer them the appropriate care and compassion that they deserve.


The bond between dogs and humans are extra-ordinary. They exemplifies an excellent example of a mutual relationship. Generally, they tend to help each other in so many ways. That’s what makes them to be an ideal dog-human companion. This companionship also leads them to the happiness that they need.

Most importantly, the outcome that really touches everybody’s heart is the bond between the elderly and the doggy. And also, the ways that they are continuously doing to lighten up the lives of each other. Both the dog and the human are blessings on each others lives. Because of this, the companionship should be maintained and cherished more than anything else.