Difference Between Husky and Malamute: Can You Point it Out?


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For first time dog owners it is hard to choose the appropriate and the best dog breed for them. This is especially much true because of too many varieties of dog breeds available out there in the market. They come in many different sizes, types, and personalities. However, there are also dog breeds that looks very similar with each other. One example of this is the difference between Husky and Malamutes.

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It is difficult to identify between these two breeds which is which. Both of them have a huge body built and are under the Nordic sledge dog group. Moreover, both of these breeds are very active and energetic. Physically speaking, looking at these two dogs may make you think that they came from the same dog family.

Through this, we will discuss the difference between Husky and Malamutes. We will help you to point out every key details between these two dog breeds.

Difference between Husky and Malamute

The Malamutes and the Husky are the same tremendous, caressing, and type of dogs that truly protects their environment. However, the distinction of these breeds depends on your own choice on what kind of dog is applicable on your daily living.

Generally, difference between Husky and Malamutes touches many areas. And at some point, you might just need a pen and a paper ready to jot it down.

These are two breeds that are very much alike. But, in terms of the way they look, their coats, eye shades, and behavior, they are two breeds that variances can be pointed out.

The number one important thing to consider for your selection is the size. This is pretty much applicable most likely if you have a small area allotted for your dog.

Malamute vs Husky – Their Ancestry

Since Malamute and Husky look like very similar when it comes to appearance and in many things that we would discuss later on, may be it would be possible that they came from the same family ancestry.

Husky’s Ancestry

Way back for about 4000 years, the Chukchi people found the Huskies in Siberia. They utilized these dogs in pulling their cargo especially in long distant places with rigid surroundings.

However, in consideration of the origin of the Alaskan Husky, they are different from the first one not because they were found in other place. It is because these type of Husky are not a purebred canine.

Instead, they are a mixed breed of three different dog species. They are a combination of Siberian Husky, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Greyhounds.

Malamutes Ancestry

Also about 4000 years in the past, the Inuit Tribe, located on the Northwest Coast of Alaska, discovered the Mahlemut dog. This dog is believed to be the ancestor of the Malamutes.

The Inuit Tribe used the Mahlemut dog to hunt big animals such as the polar bears and seals. Moreover, they belong to the oldest sled dogs of the north.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Appearance

When you come to look at these two breeds, you may not able to distinguish the difference between Husky and Malamutes in terms of their appearance. But, basically even in some little detail, you may notice that they are two different dogs.

It is pretty much noticeable that the Husky moves a little lighter and in a quick manner. Comparing to this, the Malamutes execute firmness and authority when walking. However, when the size of the breed should be considered, the Malamutes vs Husky distinctness is somewhat remarkable.

Malamutes vs Husky – Their Size

Since these two dog breeds both originated from the northern part of the globe, many are misled when their sizes are considered. Most dog owners think that the size of the Malamutes are similar with the size of the Husky, or vice versa.

Husky’s Size

Basically, the Husky is precisely slender and shorter compared to the Malamute. The size of this dog is in a medium built frame.

Husky’s Body Measurement

Height range: from 19.5 up to 24 inches or minimum of 50 to maximum of 61 centimeters

Average height: 23.5 inches or 60 centimeters

Weight range: minimum weight of 15 up to 30 kilograms or from 33 up to 66 pounds

Malamutes Size

In contrast with the Husky, the Malamutes are generally bigger and stronger. And basically, the Malamutes are larger breed of dogs.

Malamutes Body Measurement

Height range: from 22.8 up to 25.6 inches or minimum height of 58 to maximum height of 65 centimeters

Average height: 26 inches or 66 centimeters

Weight range: minimum of 34 up to 38 kilograms or from 74 up to 83 pounds

However, the Wakon Giant Alaskan Malamute has a height measurement of 35 inches. This Giant Malamute is another type of this breed.

Malamutes vs Husky – Their Eye Pigment

Another feature that can point out the difference between Husky and Malamutes is their eye color.

Husky’s Eye Pigment

To easily distinguish Malamutes vs Husky, just look at their eye color. The Husky have this genetic circumstances called as heterochromia.

Heterochromia is a condition of the eye that mostly have contrasting hues. This dog breed can have blue eyes or brown eyes or even both. This is the feature that makes dog lovers fall in love over and over again with this dog.

Malamutes Eye Pigment

Unlike the Husky, Malamutes eye pigments are constantly brown. This makes them easily distinguishable from the Husky.

Malamutes vs Husky – Their Coat

When it comes to their coat, there is somehow distinction on it. Although, both breeds have coat that is double layered, the Malamutes vs Husky coats have various colors and different length as well.

Husky’s Coat Color and Length

Generally, the outer layer of the hair of the Husky ranges from soft to medium length. Its coat color is white being the basic with impressing colors of black, gray, or brown. This is most likely seen in their face, belly, and legs.

Moreover, there is one type of Husky that has different coat color. This is the Agouti Husky. Typically, their color are more on black and grey shades with a little dash of white around the chest and belly area.

Malamutes Coat Color and Length

The Malamutes, on the other hand has a longer coat. Its length can grow up to 5 centimeters or 2 inches long. However, their coat texture is somehow rough compared to Husky. The color of their coat is similar to the Husky except for the Agouti type.

Malamutes vs Husky – Their Facial Structure

The two breeds both have face that is color white. However, there are some colors that mask their white faces.

Husky’s Facial Structure

The face of the Husky is finer and thinner if you compare to the Malamutes. Moreover, they have ears that is generally medium in size. But, taking a closer look, Husky’s ears are bigger than that of the Malamute.

Malamutes Facial Structure

On the other hand, the face of the Malamute seems bigger due to its head that is wider. And its ears are typically smaller.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Hygiene

Malamutes vs Husky similarly have a coat that are thick and are double-layered. Their coat are required for a semi-annual blow-out.

It is more likely to shed often in a yearly basis. Because of this, they both demand for brushing regularly to maintain their shed coat.

And, aside from brushing, the Malamutes vs Husky also got some advantages on trimming their nails and cleaning their ears on a regular schedule.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Personality

Malamutes and Husky are naturally hunting dogs that usually have a pack from which they belong. Moreover, their ancestry comes from the wolf that in the event that they are shown into a group, you will automatically become one of their tribe.

However, they always want to be the leader of their tribe. And, they almost hold on to that idea most of the time. That’s why it is very crucial to train their authority prowess at an early stage.

Keep in mind that they are an innate hunters and always have a drive for their prey. Better not to keep them with cats or other small animals because of this innate behavior.

Most people and even dog lovers tend to interchanged these two breeds not only in appearance but also in terms of their personality. However, some differences can be pointed out.

Husky’s Personality

The nice thing about Husky is that they are more likely to welcome new faces. They can mingle very well with other strains of dogs. This breed are calm, very smart, extrovert, very attentive, and highly sociable.

Malamutes Personality

In terms of personality, one may distinguish the difference between Husky and Malamutes to the reason that Malamute are more distant with strangers. They are not receptive to other animals even with dogs. Malamutes are loyal, loving, funny, and highly respected.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Training Needs

Owning any of these two breeds requires more time to educate them at the early stage of their time. The Malamutes vs Husky are very sociable and because of this they need to be exposed to animals other than them. Moreover, both breeds have an extreme level of energy.

Basically, the Malamutes vs Husky both tend to be stubborn. However, among the two, Malamutes are more likely to show high level of stubbornness.

Moreover, the Malamutes vs Husky both like to dig down and jump over as well. These are the characteristics of these two breeds that became one of the problems of most dog owners.

Aside from that, both of them like to scream out loud to anyone that is coming near to them or get close to their surrounding.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Their Needs for Exercise

As guard dogs and working dogs, both breeds require much time for their exercising needs. The reason for this is that both of them are highly an active breed.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Their Capability to Guard

In terms of their capability to guard families, parents take much attention to this dog’s behavior. However, the way they guard people distinguish their differences.

These distinction of the two breeds is one of the most vital things to consider when selecting a breed that suites best with your kids.

Husky’s Capability to Guard

The guarding capability of the Husky is highly dependent on their prey drive. However, it is very tolerable when other dogs need to be considered.

Their characteristics of being sociable and extrovert create them to be an ideal dogs for guarding.

Malamutes Capability to Guard

In contrast with the Husky, the ability of the Malamutes to guard is due to their excellent prey drive. Also, it comes with their inability to tolerate other kinds of dogs.

In addition, the Malamutes are very aggressive in nature. Because of this, their guarding prowess is not an ideal behavior of a guard dog.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Their Health Issues

You can point out the distinction of Malamutes vs Husky when in comes to their health problems. Both of these breeds express some concerns in their overall wellness.

Husky’s Health Issues

In order to identify Malamutes vs Husky, the latter is more prone to experience dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Moreover, they are more likely to have juvenile cataracts and corneal dystrophy.

In addition to that, progressive retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia is also prone to Husky. Because of this, one organization that governs Husky demands breeders to subject their dogs to testing.

This testing can be done once a year. And it includes checking for problems related to the eye and hip dysplasia.

Malamutes Health Issues

For Malamutes, dwarfism or also known as chondrodysplasia, polyneuropathy, and von Willebrand’s disease are some of the issues of their health. They may also experience dysfunction of the thyroid glands, day blindness, hip dysplasia, and even elbow dysplasia as well.

Moreover, the club that monitors Malamutes asks these dog breeders to have their dogs tested. Testing may include identification of problems in the hip, elbows, eyes, and polyneuropathy. Even functionality of the heart and thyroid need to be tested as well.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Their Life Span

In selecting the appropriate breed between Malamutes vs Husky that you want to be your best buddy, then you need to take into account the number of their life years.

Husky can live up to 12 to 15 years of their lives. Moreover, the Malamutes has 10 to 12 number of life years.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes as Pet

Proper training and handling of these breeds are very much vital to consider when you want to own any of these breeds as a pet. Some distinctive points between Malamutes vs Husky reveal that it is more better to have Husky as a pet instead.

Moreover, selecting a puppy from any of these breeds, one must check for a healthy and an active pup. The Husky or Malamute pup may be very determined to play and mingle with other dogs and people.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Their Environmental Needs

Malamutes vs Husky both originated from ancient times. In a cold environment, they tend to live and execute their ability as working dogs.

Considering to have either Malamutes or Husky as a pet, one thing that also keep in mind is the environment that they can also live comfortably. In checking from where they originates, it already reveals that the two breeds are well suited in climates that are colder.

Due to their coats that are double layered, they can easily maintain their body warm even in the coldest night. However, they can still able to survive even in a hot environment.

These breeds are very significant dog breeds. They can adopt well to a warm surrounding provided that they have sufficient level of water and a home that can protect them.

Difference between Husky and Malamutes in Their Price

Generally, in selecting a product that you want to buy, price is also one of the factors, most especially when you select between Malamutes vs Husky.

A Malamute pup has a price of $1,200 up to a maximum amount of $1,700. Moreover, a pup of a Husky breed have a minimum cost of $600 up to an amount of $1,300.

More Things to Know about Malamutes vs Husky

Another interesting fact that you might need to know about these two breeds is that they can produce a cute little pup. Can you imagine how it looks?

Imagining the looks of this new breed combination would not give you a hard time. Because, this kind of doggy are already in the market, and the good thing is they possess the excellent personalities of both.

This new breed combination is called as the Alusky, a short term for the combination of the Alaskan Malamutes and Husky. Since, it is a combination of the two breeds, they carry enormous level of energy.

They are also intelligent, however patience is really needed in training them as they acquire the stubbornness of their mother breeds. Moreover, they also demand for more time to exercise everyday.

When it comes to acquiring a puppy of this mix breed, you can not make it in just a snap of your hands. You need a tedious research and study about this breed combination before you purchase one.

Facts about Malamutes vs Husky Mix Breed Puppies

If this is your first time to get and own a dog, then choosing Alusky mix breed is not a good option. But, for those dog lovers out there that are pretty much sure to have an Alusky, you need to learn their traits and behaviors very well before anything else.

√ Alusky puppies are very energetic at their age.

It is a fact that this breed has a very extreme level of energy, however, that shoots up really high during their puppy stage. With this, you need to prepare to give them the energy that they need.

√ Alusky puppies howl

The Husky and Malamutes are known to be barkers instead of being howlers. This trait is very much seen at their young age and in the event that they are left over a long time.

A good advice when leaving home for so long, leave the Alusky pup with a toy to make them occupied. Through this, their chance of howling would be avoided.

√ Alusky puppies can’t tolerate hot weather

Generally, both Malamutes and Husky both originated from a cold environment. This simply means that the combination of this two creates a breed that can only live well on a cold weather.

√ Alusky puppies mix breed combination price

In every product that we buy, we just want to ensure that we are buying the good one. This also applies when buying an Alusky puppies.

What it means is that don’t get blinded on the economical price offers. Take note that this breed also showcases lots of health problems.

Basically, a high-quality Alusky pup cost about $1000. This is an ideal price coming from a good breeders. The cost also gives a great overall wellness of the Alusky puppies.

Aside from that, they also have a great behavior and exemplifies as a great pet. Moreover, you can still find some puppies of this breed that has a higher cost.

In the contrary, there are also some available Alusky puppies selling for about $700 and below. With this price offer, verify the puppies breeding process.

Check if it is produced on a puppy mill or from a backyard breeder. Also, be cautious that it is more prone to problems rather than giving delight.

Malamutes vs Husky – The Final Verdict

Now that you can already point out the difference between Husky and Malamutes, you can now decide whether to buy a Husky or a Malamute as a new family pet. But, you just have to consider those key points in order to identify and distinguish them.

You have to be very considerate about their personalities, their environment, and their own needs. With this in mind, you would have create a great Malamutes or Husky that you can bring home. So, the decision is all yours.