Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone During the Day Without Having Anxiety


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A lot of dogs are notorious for separation anxiety. Such behavioral issue can lead to destructiveness or intense vocalization. Both are problematic for dog owners, especially those living in apartments or condominiums. So if you’re planning to get a pup, you may want to consider the dog breeds that can be left alone during the day.

I personally know that it’s impossible to spend each day with your dog. Of course, we have to go to work and the kids have to go to school. During these moments when our pooches are left on their own, their independence will be put to the test.

If you want a doggo you can leave for hours without going bonkers, here are the 12 best breeds to consider:

1. Basenji

Dignified and an excellent hunter, Basenji dogs are a native of Congo. As a hound dog, Basenjis were used to hunt and control the rodent population in villages. They are good companion dogs but they can also tolerate being left alone.

Basenji dogs are great for newbie owners and they can stay happy living in an apartment. This breed is very well-mannered and endearing to their owners. Basenji dogs are also affectionate to kids and can live in harmony with another canine.

Since Basenji dogs are friendly to strangers, they’re not good guard dogs. Another thing is they rarely bark even under threat which earned them the nickname “African Barkless Dog”. With this, they are one of the dog breeds that can be left alone all day.

Take note that Basenjis are smart but they can be really stubborn. A lot of dog owners get attracted to their appearance but their attitude will require intense patience. They are also escape artists so you have to make sure that your windows and doors are locked.

dog breeds that can be left alone during the day

2. Shiba Inu

This Japanese dog is known for its independence and strong will. They were initially bred to flush birds and hunt boar. Its upright ears and always agile nature are manifestations of a Shiba’s spirited personality.

As much as these cute doggos are huggable, they don’t like being cuddled. Still, they have their own way of expressing their affection to their owners.

When it comes to kids, you may prefer a Shiba if you have a child that’s old enough to respect the dog’s space.

Shiba Inus are often compared to ninja warriors as they move with zest and effortless speed. They are usually a quiet dog but always dignified on their gait. Overall, Shibas have very mild energy levels and can live in small houses.

You should watch out since this breed can become very possessive of its toys and territory. They aren’t the best dogs if you’re planning to raise them with another furry pet. Still, Shibas are one of the dog breeds that can be left alone during the day.

3. Lhasa Apso

Originally a watchdog for Tibetan monasteries, the Lhasa Apso dog is known for its independence and tough outlook. This may come as a surprise since this breed looks like a lapdog.

Due to their history of guarding palaces and monasteries of monks, you can count on Lhasa Apso to be independent when left alone. They have a very manageable energy level, which makes them perfect companions even for kids.

Although Lhasa Apso dogs have long and regal hair, they are very easy to groom since they don’t shed a lot. But since they’re used to doing things their way, Apso dogs could be stubborn at times. They’re not eager to please anyone and can be disobedient at some point.

Take note that Lhasa Apso dogs are very suspicious of strangers. This makes them a great guard dog for your home. Proper training will ensure that their protective nature will be channeled into something positive.

dog breeds that can be left alone during the day

4. Chow Chow

These large pooches look very cuddly, but contrary to their smushy faces, they are very independent and headstrong. Chow Chows are very low energy canines that prefer being couch potatoes. They actually like when they’re left alone – definitely one of the dog breeds that can be left alone all day.

Chow Chow dogs are often compared to cats due to their very mild manners. However, they can be very hard-headed due to their spirited personality.

Also, this breed isn’t the best cuddle buddies. They are often suspicious of strangers and can be aloof of people if not socialized early on.  This means they aren’t the most affectionate dogs and not ideal for kids as they can be aggressive.

If you’re not familiar with Chow Chow dogs, they have the nobility of a lion, the cuteness of a teddy bear, curiosity of a panda, and independence of a feline. This breed is very territorial and won’t think twice in giving you the warning when they’re pissed.

5. Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei has a wrinkled face and a bristly coat that dog owners find really cute. They were initially bred to fight and hunt but are now one of the most charming companion dogs.

As much as they can tolerate being left alone, the Shar-Pei dog isn’t great for newbie owners. They aren’t affectionate and their stubbornness requires a headstrong leader.

Shar-Pei dogs have a stocky body and a very powerful head. Like Chow Chow, Shar-Pei dogs also have dark tongues that always get the interest of dog show enthusiasts.

Although this breed can be a handful, they will be loyal to their family if raised well. And since they’re naturally calm, they can thrive in small houses like apartments and condominiums. Just watch out since this doggo loves vocalizing.

The biggest consolation with this dog is that it’s very easy to groom. Their drooling is also manageable than other dog breeds that can be left alone during the day.

6. Otterhound

A natural hunter from England, Otterhounds are popular for its strong stamina and curious noses. They are very rare dogs with only 10 litters or fewer born each year in Canada and the United States.

Otterhounds are packed with energy and best for households with a large yard. They are playful and bear a high intensity. With this, they also like wandering and following their noses.

Although they are very active doggos, Otterhounds have a special affection to kids and their owners. If left alone, they can thrive on their own and has a lower tendency to mouth things.

Take note that Otterhounds are large doggos. If you have a small kiddo, you may want to wait until s/he grows up before bringing home an Otterhound. The playfulness and size of this breed may knock a child down.

Lastly, I want to warn about the musicality this dog. Otterhounds will grunt, groan, bay, and bark to their hearts’ content.

dog breeds that can be left alone during the day

7. Miniature Schnauzer

If you want a small dog that has everything that you’ve been looking for, the Miniature Schnauzer won’t disappoint. Little Schnauzers are outgoing, playful, and always vibrant. However, they tend to be Velcro dogs that will follow you around.

Still, they won’t get heartsick if you left the doggo alone.

Although Miniature Schnauzers are dubbed as “people dogs”, they have the independence to endure isolation. This makes them of the dog breeds that can be left alone all day.

Miniature Schnauzers are one of the top 20 most popular breeds in England, the United States, and Germany. Their playfulness and affection make them great family dogs. Still, you would want to train them first before letting them mingle with little kids.

Overall, this breed is very easy to train, thanks to their impressive intelligence. Also, they tend to forget that they are small dogs. If you think they are gentle lapdogs, you got it wrong since this doggo is intense.

8. Goldador

Don’t mistake Goldador with a Labrador Retriever! This equally adorable breed bears the intelligence of the Labs but they are more affectionate, independent, and energetic.

As a mixed breed, Goldador has the sensitivity of Golden Retrievers and the impressive tolerance of Labrador Retrievers. Goldador dogs are always outgoing and reliable working dogs if subjected to enough training.

Like its cousin breeds, Goldador is very easy to train but they make sucker guard dogs. They are very friendly and charming. Goldadors are more likely to wag their tails to a stranger than show aggression.

Goldadors are also one of the dog breeds that can be left alone during the day – something that Goldies and Labs are a bit problematic at. Although they have this sense of independence, Goldador dogs are happy to work with their humans and get a daily dose of cuddles and kisses.

Since this is a hybrid dog, it’s crucial that you look for a responsible breeder to get a healthy pup.

9. Labradoodle

A cross-breed between the tolerant Labrador Retriever and the intelligent Poodle, Labradoodles imbibe the positive traits of both breeds. Over the years, Labradoodles have gained popularity due to its affectionate nature and their non-shedding coat.

Combine the sociable attitude of Poodles and the mild manners of Labradors and you’ll get a well-rounded canine. Although breeders are yet to achieve a consistent coat, Labradoodles make great pets for someone who will be out of the house during the day.

Thanks to the Poodle traits, Labradoodles have a low tendency to mouth, bark, or chase. When it comes to Labradoodles energy and stamina, we have to thank their Lab genes.

Labradoodles love winning the hearts of the people they are with. Although they are very great with kids, the boisterous nature of Labs may knock a kid down.

If you’re a first-time dog owner, a Labradoodle is a great option.

dog breeds that can be left alone during the day

10. French Bulldog

Dog owners are yet to decide whether Frenchies are the cutest or the ugliest dog. Still, there’s no denying that their affectionate nature can win the hearts of many dog owners.

Although they tend to be heartsick if left alone, Frenchies can be trained to be independent. Since they can thrive in apartments, busy owners will find French Bulldogs very undemanding pets.

This doggo is playful and often retains its childish ways even as an adult. If they’re not up to show their clownish ways, they will be cuddling and longing for belly rubs.

If you’re a first time owner or someone who’s planning to own a second dog, a Frenchie is a great addition to your household. Frenchies have a moderate tendency to howl and as a bulldog, it’s surprising that they don’t drool as much.

The only concern here is that French Bulldogs are flat-nosed canines. They can easily succumb to heat exhaustion.

11. Greyhound

Slim, tall, and dignified – there’s no doubt that Greyhounds are the quintessential racing canines. In fact, they are dubbed as the “Ferraris of the canine world” due to their agility and intense obedience.

Although they have an intense prey drive, Greyhounds become cinnamon rolls with their families. They love cuddling and occupying the sofa. If you take them to daily walks, they will spend the rest of the day napping or lazying around the house.

It’s also a surprise that they can stay happy inside an apartment despite their racing history. Although Greyhounds will bark at strangers, these doggos are far from aggressive.

If you have an unfenced yard, never let a Greyhound unleashed. This dog will bolt the moment it sees a squirrel or a rabbit. You also need to socialize a Greyhound so they wouldn’t grow too timid.

12. Akita

Akita is one of the native dog breeds of Japan together with the Shiba Inu. Akita’s intimidating personality and prominent independence make them a great dog for those who are busy during the day.

However, Akita dogs aren’t for mellow dog owners. This doggo is imposing and they need a strong leader to channel their protectiveness into something positive. If raised right, an Akita will be fiercely loyal and affectionate to their owner.

When it comes to kids, Akitas aren’t the best pets. They also love vocalizing and exploring their environment. Also, don’t make prolonged eye contact with an Akita since the dog will perceive it as an aggressive challenge.

These dog breeds that can be left alone during the day have the independence that helps them thrive alone. Still, it’s not advisable to leave a dog behind for extended periods, especially if they are trained to housebreak.

Is your current dog experiencing separation anxiety? Here’s Zak George with some tips: