Dog Lover Tips

Dogs have been people’s best friends for centuries, and for good reason! They’re loyal, friendly, and always happy to see you. If you’re a dog lover, you know how special they are. Here are some tips to help you take care of your furry friend! Check out our latest information and tips.

how to make your dog respect you

How To Make Your Dog Respect You (12 Key Training Steps)

Is your dog chewing your sofa or lunging at you when you arrive home? Find out how to make your dog respect … it’s not that difficult a task!
Puppy Tips

Puppy Tips every new Dog Owner Needs

Are you planning to bring home a new puppy for the first time? These tips can make the experience more enjoyable.
puppy tips

Dog Lover And Breeder Tips for Choosing The Right Dog Breed For Your Family

Dogs are excellent pets to have and there are crucial factors you need to consider before you choose the right dog breed for you and your family.

Wag! Walking Review – Wag Dog Walking Cost, Pros & Cons, How-To, and MORE!

Is the Wag dog walking cost worth it? Here, we reviewed the dog walking service and if it’s safe enough for your pooch. Read on!
adopting a rescue dog what to expect

Adopting a Rescue Dog: What to Expect as the New Owner

When you adopt a rescue dog, there are some things you should expect. Here we discuss some of the honest truths about adopting a rescued dog. Read on to learn more.
dog peeing in sleep at night

Is Your Dog Peeing in Sleep at Night? Here’s What You Need to Know

A dog peeing in sleep at night? It might be more than just bed wetting. Know more here as we discuss the possible causes and treatments.
enzyme cleaner for dog poop

Top 3 Enzyme Cleaners for Dog Poop – No More Stinky Surfaces!

An enzyme cleaner for dog poop will help prevent future accidents. Also, it will remove the stink of your pet’s excretion efficiently.
severe hip dysplasia in dogs

Severe Hip Dysplasia in Dogs – What You Need to Know About the Condition

Severe hip dysplasia in dogs will directly impact your pet’s lifestyle and quality of living. Here, we discuss the condition with some tips.
intermediate dog training

AKC Canine Good Citizen Test- Why You Should Have Your Dog Certified

If you’re planning to sign your dog to intermediate dog training, you should send him to the AKC Good Canine Citizen program first.
hydrotherapy for dogs near me

What is Hydrotherapy for Dogs and How Does it Work?

Hydrotherapy for dogs near me? Read these points first before sending your dog to a water therapy clinic. If possible, ask a vet for guidance.

Shout Out to Allergy Sufferers: Biggest Non-Shedding Dogs are Here!

A hypersensitive person suffers from allergies often when dogs are around. The biggest non-shedding dogs may help to reduce this allergic reaction.
dog massage therapist

Benefits of Dog Massage for Dogs with Arthritis & Other Health Problems

A dog massage therapist can help your dog’s pain, cramps, and other muscle problems. Here’s how massage can do wonders for your dog.
do dogs have sleep apnea

Do Dogs Have Sleep Apnea? What to Do if My Dog Experiences it?

Do dogs have sleep apnea? Such sleeping problem is also prevalent among dogs. Loud snoring, jolting, and gasping in sleep are just some of the signs.

Check It Out – Amazing Details of the Pitbull Bulldog Mix!

Pitbull Terrier and Bulldog are two amazing canines. What more would you expect for the Pitbull Bulldog mix? Details about them are here!
how to stop a dog from having a seizure

How to Stop a Dog From a Having a Seizure – Causes, Treatment & Proper Care

Knowing how to stop a dog from having a seizure starts by diagnosing the condition. Here, we’ll help you get through your dog’s seizures.

Golden Retriever Vs Labrador Retriever: All the Stats, Facts, and Data You’ll Ever Need to Know

The Golden Retriever vs Labrador Retriever breed choice is somehow difficult. But both may give you undeniable joy and true delight.
my dog was stung by a bee in the mouth

My Dog was Stung By a Bee in the Mouth, What Should I Do?

Help! My dog was stung by a bee in the mouth! What should I do? Relax, we’ve got you covered in this post. We’ll help you fight that stinger.
dog breeds that can be left alone during the day

Dog Breeds That Can Be Left Alone During the Day Without Having Anxiety

The dog breeds that can be left alone during the day are great options for those who are always busy at work. We’ve listed some breeds here.
bringing home a second puppy

Bringing Home a Second Puppy: How to Raise Multiple Dogs in Your Home

Bringing home a second puppy? Introducing a new dog to your older pooch can be a challenge. Here’s a short guide to help you out.
which dog breeds are best with cats

Which Dog Breeds are Best with Cats? Here are 12 of the Feline-Friendly Doggos

Which dog breeds are best with cats? Here, we listed 12 of the best candidates that could be the furry buddies of your kitty.
best guard dog for apartment life

Top 15 Guard Dog Breeds for Families with Children – Protective & Reliable Canines

Looking for the best guard dog for apartment life? Here, we listed 15 of the best candidates as watchdogs and buddies for your kids.
best dog breed for hot and cold weather

Best Dog Breeds for Hot and Cold Weather – Check these 12 Cute Pooches

The best dog breed for hot and cold weather can endure extreme temperatures. Check these 12 breeds to know what suits the weather in your location.
what to feed a nursing dog to produce more milk

Help! My Dog Isn’t Producing Enough Milk for Her Puppies!

What to feed a nursing dog to produce more milk? It’s important that the pups get enough milk. In this post, we’ll guide you through dog nursing and lactating.

Difference Between Husky and Malamute: Can You Point it Out?

The difference between husky and malamute is a topic of much debate among dog lovers. Some believe that the two breeds are very similar, while others argue that they have distinct physical and behavioral traits.
best big apartment dogs

10 Big and Small Apartment Dogs You Can Own

Looking for the best small or the best big apartment dogs? Here, we’ve listed 10 of these doggos that can keep up with your city living.
should I get a Beagle

Should I Get a Beagle? A Guide for The Aspiring Pawrent!

Should I get a Beagle? This breed is energetic, playful, and loyal. But is this is the best choice for newbie pet owners? Read on to know more!
head pressing in dogs

Head Pressing in Dogs: Cute Behavior or an Alarming Health Problem?

What is head pressing in dogs? This innocent-looking behavior is actually a tell-tale sign of a dangerous condition. Read on!

10 Best Large Dog Breeds for Seniors and Anything You Should Know About

Dogs provide many benefits for people, especially the elderly. They can help reduce loneliness, provide companionship, and offer a sense of security. Additionally, there are many large dog breeds that are specifically well-suited for seniors
house plants poisonous to dogs

15 House Plants Poisonous to Dogs: Don’t Let Your Pet Get Sick!

There are many house plants that can be toxic to dogs, and choosing the right ones is an important part of pet ownership. In order to help you identify potentially dangerous plants, we have compiled a list of 15 common house plants that are considered poisonous to dogs.
pet sitting services

Pet Sitting Services: Is This a Good Decision For Your Dog?

Pet sitting services can be a godsend when you have to go out of town. But is this type of service right for your doggo? To help you make the best decision for your furry friend, read on!
best service dog breeds

What Are The Best Service Dog Breeds? Here Are Some of These Hero Dogs!

Service dogs are some of the most reliable and hardworking heroes out there. They provide invaluable assistance to their owners, often saving lives in the process. In this post, we salute the incredible service dogs who make a difference every day!
pet courier

Traveling With Your Dog? Pet Courier Essentials Discussed!

A pet courier gives peace of mind that your dog is safely traveling domestically and internationally. Here are the pet travel essentials you should know
how to train your dog to stay in the yard

How To Train Your Dog To Stay In The Yard – Key Points!

Wondering how to train your dog to stay in the yard? Here, we are discussing effective methods tried and tested by many pet owners.
how to make my dog listen to me

My Pet Is Always Distracted! How To Make My Dog Listen To Me??

Looking for ways to make your dog listen to you and follow your commands? Look no further than this post, where we offer a range of tips and tricks that can help improve your pet’s attention span and responsiveness.
best dog breeds for first time owners

15 Best Dog Breeds For First Time Owners

What are the best dog breeds for first time owners? Here, we listed 15 of these must-have doggos for inexperienced and newbie pawrents.
healthiest dog breeds

15 Healthiest Dog Breeds That Don’t Require Frequent Vet Visits

The healthiest dog breeds tend to be the best pets since they require fewer vet visits. But which dogs are these? Check our round-up here!
best thing for teething puppy

Help! My Puppy is Teething! What Should I Do?

As teething can be painful for puppies, it is important to know how to ease their discomfort. There are a variety of ways to soothe a teething pup, and the best method may vary depending on the individual puppy.
best guard dog breeds for families with children

Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds – Which One Should I Get For My Home?

When it comes to choosing a guard dog for your family, there are several things to take into account. First and foremost, you need to decide what type of temperament and energy level you are looking for in a dog. Some breeds are more laid-back and easygoing, while others are high-energy and always on the lookout.
shedless dogs

Top 20 Shedless Dogs W/ Reasons Why for Our Selection

Shedless dogs are in-demand as ever among pet owners. Their hypoallergenic nature makes them a friendly pet for those with allergies.

Top 5 Smartest Dogs in the World: Which One Should I Buy for Family?

There is no doubt that dogs are among the smartest and most beloved animals in the world. As such, many people consider them to be ideal companions for their families, with some of the top “smartest” dog breeds often being at the top of the list.
best pet insurance for older dogs

Best Pet Insurance for Older Dogs: Key Insights

The best pet insurance for older dogs will be a great help when it’s time to check the vet bills. But which one is suited for senior dogs? Find out here.
financial assistance for dog surgery

Typical Vet Fees for Dogs and Financial Assistance for Surgery Help

Looking for financial assistance with your dog’s surgery costs can be a real struggle, especially if you are already overwhelmed by vet bills. Thankfully, there are many resources available that can help you reduce the burden on your wallet and make it easier to get the care your dog needs.
Basset Hound or Beagle

Help Me Choose! Beagle or Basset Hound? Assistance Here

Basset Hound or Beagle? Choosing one as a home pet can be difficult. Although these two breeds have similarities, they have varying personalities.
Rottweiler or Pitbull

Rottweiler or Pitbull? Which One is Better for Family & Protection?

Rottweiler or Pitbull? Choosing between these stocky doggos can be tricky if you’re looking for a family and guard dog with high intelligence.
how to make your dog love you

15 Daily Habits Your Dog Will Love From You

Do you want to know how to make your dog love you? These 15 tips are surefire ways to build the bond between you and your pooch!
top 10 most smartest dogs in the world

Top 10 SMARTEST Dogs in the World (Typically Most Expensive Too!)

Is your dog smart? Check these top 10 most smartest dogs in the world and see if your pooch landed a spot on the world of intelligent canines.
the most expensive dog breeds in the world

Top 10 List of the MOST EXPENSIVE Dog Breeds in the World!

The most expensive dog breeds in the world are also the cutest and most adorable doggo you can have as a pet. Check them out here!
breeds of small dogs that stay small

10 Breeds of Small Dogs That Stay Small

Cuddly, cute, and adorable. Breeds of small dogs that stay small are highly preferred by many pet owners because of their appearance and personality.