15 Healthiest Dog Breeds That Don’t Require Frequent Vet Visits


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It’s every pet owner’s woe to see their beloved doggo lying on the vet table for another surgery or treatment. While you can always provide them with enough exercise, healthy food, and a caring home, it just happens that some breeds are more prone to various illnesses. If you want to skip vet visits and watching your dog – and pocket – wrench in pain, you may consider getting one of the healthiest dog breeds on this list.

Australian Cattle Dog13-15 years$500-$700
Ibizan Hound10-14 years$800-$1,200
Australian Shepherd12-15 years$600-$800
Canaan Dog12-15 years$700-$1,200
Chihuahua10-18 years$500-$2,000
Whippet12-15 years$1,100-$4,000
Border Collie12-15 years$600-$800
Havanese12-15 years$1,000-$1,500
German Pinscher12-14 years$1,400-$1,600
English Springer Spaniel9-15 years$700-$800
Rottweiler8-11 years$850-$1,500
Shetland Sheepdog12-15 years$800-$1,000
Bichon Frise12-15 years$600-$2,500
Poodle12-15 years$1,100-$2,400
Greyhound12-15 years$1,000-$2,900

Of course, the breed isn’t the only consideration for some pet owners. All doggos deserve to be welcomed with loving arms. But a dog that won’t live long and will be mired with health issues for the most part of their adult life isn’t always practical to have. So do you want a healthy pooch? Here are 15 of them discussed:

1. Australian Cattle Dog

Intelligent, agile, and rompy, the Australian Cattle Dog is probably the best pet for those looking for both a guard and family dog. Their breed doesn’t have any history of serious illnesses, though proper care is still needed as with all dogs. They are herding canines; therefore, you should give them tasks to stay happy.

Still, they are susceptible to some common illnesses, but very minimal compared to some dogs. Mostly, they are prone to deafness, retinal problems, and hip dysplasia. Other than that, they are one of the healthiest dogs.

The Australian Cattle Dog is affectionate to their families but wary of strangers. They can be friendly with older kids, but not recommendable for twitchy toddlers and babies.

2. Ibizan Hound

With their intimidating gait, those who are new with this dog will think that they are fearsome. But contrary to their look, they are cinnamon rolls that are highly affectionate to their family and children. They are also fairly healthy, unlike most family breeds. Of course, they are still at risk to some illnesses, but given proper care, they would rarely need to see the vet.

The good thing about Ibizan Hounds is they need moderate exercise which allows them to thrive on apartments and small condominium units. But if you have a large yard, take note that Ibizan Hounds are racing dogs. Make sure that it’s fenced and the gates are closed because these doggos are master escapists!

3. Australian Shepherd

If you want a dog that dodges bone, fur, and skin complications, the Australian Shepherd would be unbeatable. These working dogs have a great reputation for their high energy levels, intelligence, and friendliness to family, kids, and even strangers. They also work well with other dogs and unlikely to show aggressiveness.

Although they are one of the healthiest dogs, Australian Shepherds still need proper care to stay healthy. One of the common problems they face is their high potential for obesity. As large dogs, excess weight could be problematic.

Australian Shepherds are excellent pets but beware of their penetrating stare. It gets scary sometimes.

4. Canaan Dog

The first time I saw a Canaan Dog, I’m convinced that it’s an Akita or a mix breed of one. The twirly tail is to be mistaken for another breed, but their health isn’t. They have survived the deserts of Israel for thousands of years together with the Druse and Bedouins.

Canaans are extremely healthy plus they are easy to groom which makes them a very low maintenance pet. These doggos don’t have any recorded illnesses associated with their breed, but as a precautionary step, ask for a health certificate before getting one.

Canaan dogs are affectionate to their owners but are intolerable with kids, strangers, and other canines. Still, they have moderate prey drive, wanderlust tendency, and exercise needs.

5. Chihuahua

There’s one good reason why pet owners can’t get enough of these pint-sized doggos. Chihuahuas are one of the healthiest dog breeds and the most popular too. They are very affectionate to their owners and of the best pets for families with little kids.

Although there are illnesses associated with their breed, a well-cared Chihuahua will have lower risks of contracting or developing diseases. You should watch out for their personality, though. Even if they are small pooches, they have the feistiness of a large hound. This makes them an excellent watchdog too.

6. Whippet

Known as one of the “barkless dogs”, Whippet is also the healthiest and easy-to-live-with breed. They love spending their time chasing critters and romping around the yard. Although they don’t encounter lots of medical issues, you should keep up with their demanding physical requirements.

They are rompy dogs with a high potential for playfulness and an intense prey drive. The good thing here is they are easy to train, but make sure that your gates are locked since their wanderlust tendency can take over.

Take note that Whippets are sensitive to anesthesia. A regular dose for typical dogs can kill them if not toned down. Their low body fat percentage is one reason for this.

7. Border Collie

Border Collies aren’t just the most intelligent dogs, they are also the healthiest. DNA technologies have allowed breeders to defeat even more the minimal illnesses associated with this breed. However, if you wish to have a Collie, you should be prepared to deal with their intensity. These dogs are outdoor pets that will run, chase, play, and nip for hours.

Collies are affectionate to families and strangers, but they aren’t recommendable if you have small kids at home. They are too rowdy and can knock a toddler off balance.

With their intelligence, high level of empathy, and good health, Border Collie seems to be a total package dog.

healthiest dog breeds

8. Havanese

Yes, your adorable lap dog isn’t just aesthetically attractive; they are also one of the healthiest dogs. They require very little exercise and they will prefer being petted and sitting on your lap. For those who are looking for an affectionate and healthy pooch that doesn’t require a lot of vet visits, the cute Havanese will be excellent.

These cinnamon rolls are very friendly to everyone. However, they can be so affectionate to the point that they no longer want to leave their owner’s side. They are also easy to train and not the rompy type, although they can be very playful at times.

One thing to watch out for: Havanese pups tend to eat their own poo. Make sure to scoop it right away.

9. German Pinscher

German Pinschers are known to send intruders running. Their excessive barking –but no bite – makes them excellent watchdogs. They are fairly healthy too with only a few illnesses associated with their breed like cataracts, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and hip dysplasia – all of which can be treated and prevented with early diagnosis.

Although Pinschers are one of the healthiest dog breeds, you have to provide them with a high physical stimulation. Take them to long walks and let them run on your yard. Just watch out since their high prey drive can send them chasing moving objects including running kids and passers-by.

10. English Springer Spaniel

English Springer Spaniels are loving and playful dogs. They are always romping around and in the hunt for their next adventure. These English Spaniels are also very friendly to everyone which makes them a lousy guard dog. Still, they won’t give you a hard time with their health.

Aside from common eye problems associated with their breed, the cordial English Springer Spaniel is unlikely to develop or contract illnesses as long as they are taken care of properly. But in return, you have to put up with their demanding physical requirements and intense prey drive. This can all be tamed since English Springer Spaniels are one of the most intelligent dogs that are easy to train.

11. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are big teddy bears that can be both calm and aggressive. They have a bad reputation for aggression (boy, I was chased by one before and it’s not the best thing) but if trained well, they can be cinnamon rolls. Aside from their affection with kids and families, they are also one of the healthiest dogs.

Take note that their intelligence can be imposing, one reason why they’re not advisable to newbie pet owners. They also love barking and chasing critters. Anyway, I think the best characteristic of Rottweilers is they aren’t fond of wandering around. They will stay and guard your place. Still, don’t let them get bored.

12. Shetland Sheepdog

Oh, the ever fluffy breed! Shetland Sheepdogs are worth the numerous lint rollers and endless vacuuming. They aren’t prone to diseases except for some eye and hip issues. Also, they won’t bay, howl, chew on your shoes, or wander around. They are calm but playful and you should let them around the yard to suffice their physical requirements.

Shetland Sheepdogs are easy to train and are total sweethearts. They are affectionate to their owners and do well with kids. Shelties rarely exhibit aggression and they will welcome strangers and other dogs with their whole heart.

If you plan to own a Sheltie, make sure that you can give them tasks to get busy at. This breed is intelligent and boredom can sometimes get the best of them.

13. Bichon Frise

Like the Havanese, Bichons are lap darlings. Aside from their fairytale-like appearance, they are also one of the healthiest dog breeds. Usually, this dog would be allergic to vaccinations, anesthesia, and has a chance of encountering bladder and juvenile eye problems. Other than that, they aren’t a pain to maintain.

Bichons are always looking for their next mischief but they never fail to express their love for their owners. They are playful wanderers that although small, never run out of energy. Bichons love their owners and even kids, however, they don’t do well with very little ones. They can’t tolerate sudden jerks and movements.

14. Poodle

Poodles were once status symbols for aristocrats. But this breed is more than their classy clips. They are one of the intelligent canines that are also lauded for their excellent health. Still, they aren’t exempted to a few illnesses and diseases so make sure that you get a pup with healthy parents.

Poodles are not just physically healthy; they are also good for people with health issues since they are considered to be hypoallergenic.

Poodles are playful, loving to everyone, and they are far from aggressive. They’re not barkers too which is good if you’re considering getting them as an apartment pet.

15. Greyhound

They could be lean, but Greyhounds are one of the healthiest dogs a pet owner can ever find. As a herding dog, Greyhounds are inclined to chase, run, and romp for their physical exercise. Overall, they are healthy nuts that have minimal breed issues like gastric torsion, anesthesia sensitivity, and hypothyroidism. All of these can be cured and prevented through proper dog care.

As much their name is fierce, Greyhounds are not aggressive. They are charming and affectionate to their owners and little kids. Greyhounds can co-exist with other four-legged pets, including cats but their prey instincts can put hamsters and guinea pigs at risk.

If you wish to have a Greyhound, be prepared to lock your gates and have long walks. These dogs are escape artists that can be destructive when they got bored.

These healthiest dog breeds are popular to pet owners who want to evade numerous vet visits. They are easy to maintain and their affectionate personality makes them more irresistible.

But whatever dog breed you have, it’s important to keep them healthy and fit. Here are some advice from Dr. Peter Dobias: