Indestructible Dog Toys for Pit Bulls and Aggressive Chewers


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Pit bulls are aggressive chewers. One time, my aunt’s pit bull shredded an umbrella to pieces. The other day, the large doggo has done some crazy teeth work on my cousin’s bike tires. Pit bulls are natural hunters. If you bore them or leave them freely roaming the place, they will look for something where they can make good use of their large teeth. Despite their tough reputation, pit bulls can be loving pooches too. Proper training and indestructible dog toys for pit bulls will keep them occupied if you are to leave the house.

You have to get a toy that can pit on their muscular jaws. A tug rope will do but you’re lucky if it can even last for a week. But before we dive into the commercial options, here is some helpful information to figure out why your Pittie chews a lot in the first place:

Why are pit bulls aggressive chewers?

Chewing is a typical behavior observed on pit bulls. They are like unceasing, teething babies who want to bury their choppers on everything that comes their way. But the result is way destructive and expensive to fix. Just imagine paying for a drywall authenticdogs02-20nt.

There are a lot of reasons why your Pittie likes to chew anything. It can be said that this is due to their innate urge to hunt and use their jaws. But there’s actually more possible reasons why you have an aggressive chewer at home.


You have a large dog, do you expect him to just sit around and wait for you to come home? A Pittie’s desire to stay active is as big as his size. If you don’t keep him busy, he will do it by his self. You’ll probably go home with a shredded couch or a chewed carpet. Might as well get some toys for diversion.

Doggos can’t resist the need to be on their feet. Since they are curious beings, you simply can’t trust DIY training. You have to get toys for pit bulls to divert their attention off from your new pair of Adidas.

Separation anxiety

“Don’t go to work hooman!” If your Pittie can talk, he’s probably begging you not to leave him alone. Separation anxiety triggers aggressive chewing to pacify the doggo’s emotions. If you’re going to leave the house, don’t make a big deal out of it. Just slip away and avoid giving a goodbye kiss and petting. Your dog won’t even notice that you’ve gone out of the house.

Feel-good stimulation

Pit bulls like stimulating their gums and teeth. In short, they get the satisfaction by putting tough things in their mouth.

Great taste!

You may think that your stinky socks are gross, but it’s actually appealing to your doggo. The same goes for your shoes fresh from a sweaty run.

Early weaning

If your Pittie likes to suck and tear fabric, it’s likely that he’s been weaned too early before he even turned eight weeks old. This compulsive behavior can be fixed through rigorous training.

Medical conditions

In some cases, pit bulls chew aggressively due to their upset stomach. They use the manner of chewing to vomit. Aside from that, your doggo might be suffering from pica or the urge to eat non-edible things. Nutritional deficiencies cause this condition.

Whatever the reason is for the chewing, it’s advisable that you check for medical reasons first before entertaining it as a behavioral issue.

What can I do to stop too much chewing?

As much as chewing is pit bulls’ second nature, there are steps you can do to minimize the damage and control the compulsive behavior.

Offer chewable things

If the chewing can’t be deterred, offering a chewable item like pit bull toys is better than giving your dog a chance to vent it into something else. There are chewable sticks and balls you can purchase for this purpose. It’s best to isolate your Pittie when you give him something to chew on. He might feel like the other dogs are competitors to the toy. There’s a tendency that he might choke on it. Still, be in the lookout so you can intervene when your doggo starts to gag on any of the indestructible dog toys for pit bulls.

Give out chewy but edible snacks

By giving out very chewable and edible snacks, there’s a chance that your dog will take it easy on your stuff. They will get their desired oral stimulation with a nice taste. But like giving out a new toy, it’s best to leave him alone when eating. Competition might cause a dogfight if you have multiple canines at home.

Use a chewing deterrent

If the aggressive chewing persists after your initial efforts, using a chewing deterrent may do the job. This substance is non-toxic but bitter tasting. Apply a small amount on a cotton ball and let your dog smell it before putting it on his mouth. Let the Pittie have a ‘taste of his own medicine’. He will spit the cotton out and will likely remember the smell and taste. Spray it on the items they keep on chewing and they will soon pick up the unpleasant substance. Give him clean pit bull toys while doing this. Just take note that this isn’t the only solution to the problem.

Remove the item from your dog’s mouth

Keeping an eye on your dog will help in discouraging him from chewing. If he starts to chew your slippers, remove it from his mouth. There’s a chance that your doggo will resist. On that case, talk calmly and let out a firm “no”. You shouldn’t surrender until he gives in. Do this regularly until your dog knows that what he can and can’t chew.

Don’t confuse the pit bull

Many homeowners inadvertently add up to the chewing problem when they confuse their pit bulls. Offering household items and then prohibiting it the next day is confusing. You should set the limits consistently if you really want to break this bad habit of chewing.

Dog-proof your house

The least you can do while working on stopping the chewing behavior is to keep your valuables away from your dog’s reach. Don’t put it out unless you’re confident that your pit bull has gone passed through the chewing. Letting some pit bull toys sitting around will help here.

Take him to long walks

If you’re going out for a while, take your dog in a brisk walk with a dog backpack for an added strain. After a behaved walk, give him food and water as a reward. Most likely, the doggo will sleep while your away or stay in a calm mode. The food will give their mouths the needed stimulation. This works for many but not guaranteed to stop chewing long-term.


Training your dog to overcome the chewing problem is by far the most effective solution to the problem. Although pit bulls can be aggressive, you can still get them familiar about what they can’t chew. You can tap the help of a dog expert for this or do some DIY drills at home.

On this video, famous dog trainer Zac George elaborates some tips to stop destructive chewing:

Are pit bull toys helpful?

Indestructible dog toys for pit bulls are helpful if you want to divert the attention of your dog away from your valuables. If you notice that your dog is starting to put his teeth on something, offer a toy they can chew. This way, they will associate the toy with their need to chew.

Always interrupt your dog’s prohibited chewing by saying a firm “no” then give him the toy. Take note that although some toys are labeled as indestructible, it doesn’t mean that it will last a lifetime. The best bet for is a few months to a year.

What to look for when buying pit bull toys

Don’t buy a toy just because it’s marketed to be “indestructible”. Watch out for toxic material that will compromise your Pittie’s health. Just because the material is tough doesn’t mean it’s totally safe for your doggo. Always watch out for the following risk factors:

Check for pet safety standards

The pet market is flooded with dog toys that it’s a bit hard to discern which one has passed safety standards. As a  general rule, always check for its certifications. If you’re ordering online, refer to reviews and recommendations of fellow dog owners.

Beware of soft rubber

Indestructible toys are usually tough. If your prospect toy has soft rubber material, it will tear easily and can be the cause of possible choking.

Watch out for ribbons or bling

Any portion of not solidly attached to the toy is a choking hazard. Steer clear from options with this feature.

Fabric material is a no-no

You have a pit bull, not a Bichon Frise. Just imagine what will happen to your carpet or blanket if your pit bull chews on it. The same thing will happen to a fabric toy. You should purchase indestructible dog toys for pit bulls made of tough rubber.

Get the right size

Pit bulls are large dogs so you should get toys that are bigger than their mouths. Otherwise, you’ll choke them to death.

Bad smell means poison

If there’s a strong smell emanating from the toy, it likely bears poisonous substances. Perform some research about the product before purchasing.

Excellent Toys for Aggressive Chewers

KONG Extreme Dog Toy

Do you want a tough toy that’s been tested by thousands of Pitties? The KONG Extreme Dog Toy is a best seller due to its strong built that can withstand excessive chomping. You can use it as a fetch stick during playtime or as a diversion so your dog won’t target your shoes. This is designed for the most aggressive chewers. This toy has become more tempting with the empty center that you can stuff with kibble and other snacks.

Aside from being an enjoyable toy, it also helps clean the teeth of your doggo and it will give the hound its desired gum stimulation. This toy comes in small to XX-large sizes so you can choose the size that fits your canine. Your pit bull can chew on this for months with only little bits coming off now and then.

Rocco and Roxie Indestructible Dog Ball

If your doggo is fond of playing with balls, the Rocco and Roxie Indestructible Dog Ball will be one of the indestructible dog toys for pit bulls. Just like the KONG toy, this toy has a hole in the center that you can pack with your Pittie’s favorite treat. Your doggo will get tired chewing and playing with it. This is a good way to channel his chewing instinct with added fun.

A lot of dog owners have put this under the test and it withstood razor-sharp dog teeth. This ball doesn’t have a squeaker which is an added point on the safety of your doggo. Based on experience, some Pitties become more eager to rip toys to pieces if it has a squeaker on it. This makes the ball long lasting but still interesting especially if there’s a yummy treat inside.

Goughnuts Indestructible Maxx 50 Stick

For the right combination of safety and fun, the Goughnuts Maxx 50 Stick is an excellent choice. This is a traditional fetch stick but made to be tough and to endure even the most aggressive chewers. In fact, it has a high modulus elasticity range which means that the stick won’t warp easily.

This Goughnuts stick is basic in design, but boy does it last for long. It floats on water so your dog can play with it even at the pool. Just make sure that you get the stick with a yellow dot. It’s the indicator that the toy is exactly the Maxx 50 version. The Goughnuts brand has released a variety of pit bull toys with different modulus measurement.

Remember that indestructible dog toys for pit bulls aren’t the sole solution to stopping aggressive chewing. Partner it with proper training and intervention as the rude behavior manifests. Pit bulls are natural chewers, but there will always be a way to break this bad habit.

Check out how the KONG Indestructible Toy endured the power of a hydraulic press!