Top 10 List of the MOST EXPENSIVE Dog Breeds in the World!


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The real price of getting a doggo is much more than the cost they had on the shop. You have to factor in long-term expenses. Dogs are man’s best friends, but the cost of sustaining them is quite unfriendly for the pocket. Much so if you own one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. The overall price of owning a doggo increases as you target a certain bloodline, color, and breed.

A lot of pet owners are willing to pay several thousand dollars just to get the finest breed for their doggo. They are cute, fluffy, cuddly, loveable, and yappy. But they don’t come for free.

1. Samoyed

Whose hearts won’t melt upon seeing a smiling Samoyed?! Boy, I’ve fantasized owning this stunning breed for quite some time, and if not for the intense shedding, I’ve probably put my money on the table.  Samoyeds have a very proud stature, fluffy white coat, and the famous smiling face. They have black lips that curve on the side which makes them appear like smiling. And with the normally sparkly eyes, the “Samoyed expression” tends to be worth the bucks for aspiring owners.

Samoyeds came from the Oymyakon town in Siberia where they served as working partners of the Samoyedic people. Their thick coats allow them to survive freezing temperature of as low as -60 degrees.

Samoyed pups usually cost around $1,200 but it can be as hefty as $11,000 for the finest breed and bloodline. This breed is also prone to some autoimmune diseases which can rack up to $6,000 of additional cost. It’s somehow worth it, with Samoyeds having a lifespan of 12-14 years.

Samoyeds are very good natured dogs and they are typically seen in therapy sessions with kids. They are loyal, smart, and gentle, but they can be elusive to strangers if not socialized well.

the most expensive dog breeds in the world

2. Chow Chow

Do you want the fluffy Chow Chow? Be ready to shell out about $900 to $8,500 with the initial health care cost added. Chow Chows are loved for their adorable mushy facial expression and a thick coat. Originating from China as a herding and hunting dog, Chow Chows are widely domesticated nowadays.

Chow Chows aren’t the cuddly type, sorry to say if you’re aching to give that fluffy fur a smooch. Since they are hunting dogs, they are fairly independent and suspicious of strangers. They have an amiable personality when it comes to their owners and very loyal too.

What’s interesting with this breed is their blue-black tongue. According to Chinese legends, Chow Chow dogs licked drops of color as the gods painted the sky. Well, they’re one of the oldest dog breeds and it’s fascinating how they are linked to the gods. No wonder they are one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

Chow Chows have the amusing personality of a panda but with the superiority of a lion. He’s also gracious like a cat and bears the appeal of a huggable teddy bear. Overall, Chow Chows are gentle with kids and they are unlikely to exhibit aggressive behavior.  They also live pretty long for about 15 years and can be better than most expensive small dog breeds if you like their personality.

3. Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hounds look like they’ve come to life from Egyptian history books, but they really don’t have any Egyptian bloodline. In fact, their origin is a big mystery among dog experts. Appearance wise, they are dead-ringers of the dog sculptures unearthed from the land of the Pharaohs. True to their regal appearance, their ancient-old appearance bears the price tag of about $1,200-$6,500.

Pharaoh Hounds aren’t goofy dogs. This is a gentle breed even for kids, but they are better off as friendly dog guards. Pharaoh Hounds have a very high prey instinct and they should be leashed when walking on a public area. They easily get bored when left alone and will throw a fit of barking. But on the flipside, this breed is highly intelligent, active, and yearns for human companionship. They are also fairly healthy and don’t have a history of any health issue on their bloodline.

A fun fact about this breed is that their nose and ears turn a deep rosy color when they get excited. This “blushing” is one of their unique characteristics. They can live for up to 14 years with minimal health issues.

4. Black Russian Terrier

Dubbed as the majestic black beauty, the Black Russian Terrier is a new dog breed and considered to be rare. This is probably why the $2,000 to $6,000 price tag is also difficult for pet owners to avail. These “Black Pearls of Russia” are very versatile hounds that can work as a guard dog, family dog, and win obedience competitions.

This terrier breed has a natural protective instinct and dog owners can expect this hound to be on the line of defense during a distressing situation. Aside from their majestic, wavy, black fur, the Black Russian Terrier is also known for its agility, obedience, courage, and large size.

Remember that this breed is a working dog that always demands human interaction. When it gets bored, the Blackie can be potentially destructive as he channels his hunting instinct into something else. This breed has a history of working with the military and deemed to have an exceptional level of intelligence. Some owners of Black Russian Terriers find it a bit scary at times, but with proper training, their intelligence can be used for a business or family’s protection.

Although this is a terrier breed, take note that they aren’t one of the most expensive small dog breeds.

5. Tibetan Mastiff

The doggo who always wear a fur coat. Tibetan Mastiffs are known as the “great watchdog” since they are one of the most protective dog breeds on the planet. This is also on top of the list of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

Mastiffs originated in the countries of Nepal, Tibet, and China where they are used to keep predators away from the sheep. They have a noble appearance with its very thick coat, elegant tail, and various colors.

Like Chow Chows. Tibetan Mastiffs are gentle and loving but they can be aloof with strangers. They have a hunting instinct, but through the years of being domesticated, they have developed excellent companionship with humans. But take note that you shouldn’t get them just because of their huggable appearance.

Tibetan Mastiffs can cost at least $3,000-$7,000 plus they aren’t obedient dogs. Mastiffs are known to be independent and headstrong. Even with proper training, they can be stubborn at times. They aren’t reliant on humans when it comes to directions plus they have a not-so-good reputation with agility.

This breed isn’t best as a family dog as they can be aggressive if they sense any sign of hostility. They are also notorious for climbing fences and it seems to do it effortless due to their size.

the most expensive dog breeds in the world

6. Akita

Often mistaken with Shiba Inu, Akita is one of the family-friendly dogs. They are larger than Shiba Inus but undeniably similar to its coat and facial appearance. They originated from Japan but due to importation, there is now an American and Japanese strain of these breeds. One characteristic they share with Japanese dogs is their extreme loyalty to their owner. On the other hand, they will require intensive training to defeat their stubbornness.

American Akita costs about $800 and $4,500 for a purebred one. Akitas are natural hunters and they carry this instinct even if they got domesticated. They are fearless and won’t back down on challenges. Given proper training, Akitas can be loving and respectful but don’t expect them to be cuddly dogs. Still, they can be affectionate and a little bit less edgy if socialized during their early life.

This breed doesn’t bark a lot, but they will do so under serious conditions. Akitas also communicate through their mouth. They love bringing things through their muzzle and they use mouthing to lead their owners to the leash or in some areas.  So when an Akita mouthed your wrist, it’s not always a sign of aggression.

7. Pomeranian Spitz

The Pomeranian Spitz is dubbed as a “fairytale dog” due to their tiny build and regal hair. Although they are small, their price is very steep. It usually ranges from $800 to $2,500 which sounds like a total steal for such a small breed. Truly, they are one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

Pomeranians stay small and are highly sociable just like Shih Tzus. They are descendants of large sled dogs and have a face with a resemblance to a fox. Pomeranians are filled with energy despite their small size and they can compete in agility and obedience. This is why they are called as the “the dog that thinks he can” and true enough, their personality is the opposite of their size.

Currently, this breed is a popular family dog but they can be too feisty for very small kids. This breed is convinced that he’s bigger than what he actually is. A Pomeranian can be snappish and bossy if you don’t establish your superiority. But if you give them proper training during their pup years, they can be calm and even be part of therapy sessions in hospitals. Overall, this justifies why they are one of the most expensive small dog breeds.

8. Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino’s appearance is as intimidating as his personality. This is a notorious guardian and hunter dog with high aggression levels. This makes them an excellent home or business guard but you’ll have to pay $1,000 to $4,000 per pup. You also have to hire a professional trainer to deal with the instincts of this doggo. Dogo Argentino is a destructive breed and it can turn very dangerous if not trained early and properly.

This breed has an intense prey drive and a sense of distrust for other animals. Such a thing means you can’t let them live with other hounds in your house. Otherwise, a calamitous dogfight will ensue. Dogo Argentino also requires a high level of physical and mental stimulation to keep them busy. And like any hunting dog, they will destroy anything that comes their way once they get bored.

Nevertheless, Dogo Argentino can become affectionate and comfortable in a household setting. You should keep on socializing him to prevent his distrust from escalating.

NOTE: Due to recorded abuse on dog fighting rings, this breed is banned in Australia, Singapore, Cayman Islands, Denmark, Ukraine, Iceland, and Fiji.

9. Saint Bernard

This massive but calm breed embodies its price of about $1,500 to $8,600. They are bred to guard the lands of Hospice Saint Bernard in Switzerland and to find lost travelers. This breed could be large, but their aggression level is very low and they are actually great with kids. Saint Bernard dogs are also excellent in obedience trials.

Since they have thick coats, Saint Bernard dogs are used to save people from the chills of the Alps. They are good-natured hounds and won’t mind frequent hugs. As a family dog, Saint Bernards are more home-bodied and has little interest with agility drills – probably due to their size. Still, letting them roam around your yard is necessary for their dose of exercise.

Although this breed isn’t a guard dog, the size is enough to deter burglars. Just take note that Saint Bernards drool a lot and they are heavy shedders.

the most expensive dog breeds in the world

10. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most expensive small dog breeds with a total cost of about $600-$9,800. They are famous for pet owners as Yorkies don’t shed a lot and their personality can thrive on small apartments. This breed has an elegant hair instead of fur and like the Pomeranian Spitz, Yorkies are big hounds inside the body of purse dogs. They are yappy and always in the hunt for adventures.

Although they are excellent family dogs, Yorkies aren’t for toddlers. They are better company for kids who are old enough to respect their space. If an intruder tries to break in, this small doggo will be up for a fight. They are also possessive with their owners if a new pet or dog is in the house. But the fact that they are one of the most expensive small dog breeds makes it a bit unappealing for pet owners.

The most expensive dog breeds in the world are also the cutest and most interesting doggos you can find. I must admit, these hounds are top dollar, so make sure that their personalities suit yours if you’re planning to buy. But if you don’t have the budget, adopting will always be the best thing to do.

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