Barkbox Super Chewer Review: What’s Inside the Package?


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Have you ever noticed that your doggy was not already happy or contented inside your household? There is one thing that you can offer to him to make him satisfied. It is none other than providing him a Barkbox. What comes in a Barkbox will really entice your pooch. Moreover, dog lovers like you may also appreciate and enjoy this box as well. But, before subscribing for a new one, here are some details about this doggy box.

Barkbox – What is it?

Barkbox is a service offered by the company of Bark. They shipped out dog chews, treats, and canine toys in a monthly basis. The range of shipping covers America and Canada to thousand numbers of tail-wagers. Each Bark’s item has a unique design in each pieces of box per month. The purpose of this is to give delight to every furry buddy.

Every month, a single box comes out with a unique feature with various kinds of themes specifically designed for dogs. The designs may vary from your personal choice such as Back to School themes, dinosaurs inspired or an spaceship background. All of these themes have purpose to make the people and every canines witness everything from it.

Basically, the idea of the Barkbox originates from a simple thought of providing the excellent goods from all over the world to your pooch. It is packed in one box to share it entirely to your doggy. From over the years, own designs of different Bark’s products, from toys to treats have come into life every month.

Moreover, the subscribers will not get lost as a customer support of Happy Team will assist them. This team is consists of dog lover individuals that is located in the USA. Communication with them are all available through phone calls, texting, chatting or via email messaging. They give tips and answer all the queries of every subscribers.

In the event that your pooch don’t like the idea of the stuff inside the box, send them some message and the customer care will provide you ideas on how to handle Barkbox perfectly. Moreover, the treats included in the Barkbox are all from USA and Canada. It is also made from wheat, soy beans, and corn. The good thing is that it is free from filler and no added artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, and no uncommon ingredients. The treats in the Barkbox are purely palatable refreshments that your pooch will truly love and enjoy.

Furthermore, the toys originally made by Bark have the purpose to entice and build up dogs that has bulky structure and even strange characteristics. Testing of these toys use various numbers of processes to come up with the appropriate bite in every original toy. The rubber and the fabric utilized by the toy is perfectly selected for delectable feature. Generally, the Bark company do not allow shipment of their items that were not yet undergo dog testing.

Barkbox – Amazing Attributes

The first introduction of the Barkbox was in 2011 and from that year on it garnered a total sales of over $1 million per month with just a span of 2 years. When February 2014 comes in, they already achieved $25 million sales per year. Because of this sales achievement, other companies of dog box have come into life. Moreover, what’s come in a barkbox made up the amazing attributes of this doggy box. These attributes create it to be a champ.

  • What comes in barkbox are toys crafted from materials with excellent quality by different toy manufacturers.
  • Each treat included inside the barkbox is made of all- natural ingredients. These are USA made and grain free as well. Moreover, the ingredients of the treats include a blend of pork and a blend of chicken. In addition, it includes a dental chew in toad-shaped and flavored as chicken. It also has no soy, wheat, and corn content.
  • The details of every items and what comes in a barkbox are all written in an information card.
  • Monthly selection of box sizes for dogs comes in 4 different choices – it has extra-small, small size, medium size or a large one.
  • In the event that your pooch nose stuck up at any products in what comes in barkbox, the Bark Company will alter it with a brand new item.
  • The delivery per month is very trustworthy because of the tracking details that will let you to monitor it.
  • The Bark online store offers wide range of products with great quality that will greatly appreciate by your pooch. It is also applicable for dogs in small sizes and those less than 20 lbs.

What comes in a Barkbox

Every single box of this doggy product comes with toys in two, and also two packs of treats. In addition, a chew is also included inside the box. The barkbox also comes in different joyful background and design. Moreover, what comes in barkbox can definitely love and enjoy by every pooch.

One example of the amazing design of this barkbox is the Rainforest themed items. It has two plush toys that includes squeakers. Moreover, it also includes two naturally made treats and a chew. This Rainforest Barkbox theme has a packaging measurement of 9 x 7 x 4 inches. It weighs 1.33 pounds in both the net and shipping weight.

Generally, the toys included inside the box is perfectly durable. They are also designed in NYC. Moreover, testing is through the use of their resident dogs to identify the strongest dog chewers. The materials are high quality rubber and nylon that are very applicable for dog biting.

What Comes in a Barkbox Latest Theme

The latest theme of Barkbox comes in the Vikings of Valhowla design. A cute viking helmet in a pop-out feature is attached in the Barkbox brochure. It has a headgear that has three parts which include headbands that comes in two and 1 piece of helmet. The design of the helmet is very nice. A printed Barkbox logo is located at its forehead.

Even its wrapper has a colorful and descriptive design. There are three unique sequence featured on this theme. It is all located on the end part with images of 2 dissimilar Vikings community. The one image in the center is about an ocean with lots of sea monsters and to add is the Vikings.

Moreover, on the other side of the Barkbox wrapper has a design of the Barbaric Viking’s family tree. Also it has various parts of the Viking Dog Ship. The image of the ship is very descriptive as well.

What Comes in a Barkbox Viking’s of Valhowla Theme

The latest theme of Viking’s of Valhowla Barkbox has the following product inclusion:

Plato Pet Treats

This dog treat has a recipe of a thinkers duck. It is very suitable for canines that suffer from allergies in foods. Moreover, this snack treats has ingredients of duck and brown rice. The process of cooking is through slow roasting. Another good thing about this treat is that it contains brain-boosting ingredients such as DHA and EPA which are both sourced naturally.

Dogness Monster Super Chewer Toy

The material of this toy are high quality rubber and nylon. That’s made this toy product a tough one. It also has the feature of standing firm against the strongest dog bite. The design of this Super Chewer monster is a sea dragon. The toy seems half of it sink in the water. Moreover, this sea dragon toy and its water part both have a fluffy but durable feature.

Uncrackable Kraken Super Chewer Toy

Kraken is another creature that you can see under the sea. Basically, it includes a squeaker, nylon straps, and a toy bounce. This Barkbox toy is perfectly suitable for fetching or even tug of war games.

Feast of Valhowla Quack-Na-Rok

This is the first treat from this Barkbox theme. It has snacks that is very chewy and contains ingredients of pork, duck, and cranberry. The presentation of this snack is in the form of small cubes. Through this, it is very easy to chew. This treat contains no wheat, soy, and corn ingredients. Moreover, it contains Omega 3 fatty acids good for your pooch skin and coat health.

Feast of Valhowla Freya’s Sweet Potato Fries

Next in line for this theme Barkbox treat includes treats that comes from all natural resources. Moreover, it has the unique taste of a sweet potato. And also, no wheat, soy, and corn ingredients are included. Meanwhile, this treats appearance is a button-like shape. It contains flaxseed and blueberries that provides amount of fiber and anti-oxidants.

This latest Barkbox theme is such an excellent way to give rewards and enjoyment to your pooch. Aside from the enticing designs of chew toys, doggy will also enjoy a healthy snacks as well. With these kind of treats and package, subscribing to this product is definitely worth trying.

Barkbox Price

What comes in Barkbox regular variety are items of around 5 up to 6 number of pieces. Product inclusions of this box are 2 creative toys, 2 packs of treats made naturally, and 2 pieces of chews. Some price options for regular barkbox are:

  • $29 in a month
  • The subscription for about 6-month has a value of $25 in a month.
  • A 12-month subscription has an amount of $22 in one month.

Moreover, a Super Chewer Box option of the Barkbox has a different pricing. What comes in Barkbox Super Chewer are 6 items including 2 toys that are sturdy and soft-free, 2 packs of treats, and 2 pieces of chews made of all-natural ingredients. Price options for the Barkbox Super Chewer includes the following:

  • One box that is good for a month-to-month plan for $39
  • A subscription of 6-month per box for about $34
  • One box that has subscription period of 12-month for $29

Furthermore, a free delivery or shipping applies in each and every boxes. The price of those boxes are uniform no matter what is the size of the dog. In addition, the boxes also contains similar number of items. The price difference is only dependent on the plan of subscription during the signing up process. But, all subscription renews instantly, whether a dog owner like it or not.

Barkbox Voucher

What comes in a barkbox is not only surprising treats and toys for your doggy, but also a nice discount coupon for you. For a limited offer, you may receive a free additional 1 piece of toy in each box. To get this, the box that you need to purchase is about $150. On the other hand, an ongoing time offer is about getting a $5 discount for any purchase of a brand-new doggy box.

Barkbox – Helping Dogs in Need

Barkbox does not only commits to provide delight and joy to every canine through enticing toys and treats. It also has a purpose to commit in assisting those dogs in need of help. They can achieve this by putting up a charitable giving program utilizing few of their earnings. The Barkbox is not only after the sales profit, they also have the heart for your doggy.

Barkbox – Their Way of Making Your Dog’s Life Better

This dog box is not just a simple solution to your pooch problems in their behavior or boredom that usually results from insufficient triggering factor. It is a fact that canines primarily demands for your care and affection. But, basically, the Barkbox is here in times you can’t give them the attention that they need. The best alternative for this lack of time for your pooch is giving them treats and brand-new toys.

Moreover, our furry buddy are always seeking for entertaining ways through new things. This statement is based on a study conducted by the Animal Cognition. In addition, the study also reveals that chew toys for dogs and any toys that they can feel or handle is the best way to make your doggy occupied.

In order to comply with this, Barkbox undergo an intensive research to find the appropriate toys and the right treats for canines. The inclusion of these products in every box per month only assures that you and your pooch receive only the excellent items. If you are fond of giving your doggy a great treats and amazing toys, your may check what comes in barkbox. You will definitely love to make this as a monthly surprise for your doggy.

Barkbox – Pros and Cons

Generally, this product from Bark gives you advantage of saving your time in buying different kinds of toys and treats that are naturally produced for your doggy. Moreover, what makes this product unique from the other dog boxes is that Barkbox delivers the treats and doggy toys directly to your home. There are lots of advantages that this doggy box may give to both of you and your dog. However, there also downsides for this product. Let us try to discover them one-by-one.


The Barkbox website are very simple making user to navigate it easily. It also comes with a good FAQ section, blog posts, and customer care area.
What comes in barkbox are full-sized items of about 4-6 pieces per box.
The sales profit of about 10% are generously given to charitable institutions.
For buying convenience, an ordering online and via text messaging are available.
There is also an available mobile application for iPhone and Android.
Numerous discount
Basically, the weight, hypersensitivities, and breed of your dog is taken into account by Barkbox.
The chewer items included in the Barkbox can be bought separately in case your dog want some specific items.
Barkbox Super Chewer can be given as a gift.
Excellent choice for dogs that are heavy chewer
Shipping fee is free


Automatic renewal of subscriptions, thus cancellation is mandatory.
A little costly compare to other regular dog treats and toys.
Toys and chewers included in the Barkbox may still be damage by your pooch.
No assurance that this product will not make your pooch to bit on other home furniture or household items.
There is no section for allergy-prone doggy upon signing.

The Barkbox Challenge

One way to find out the effects of Barkbox to our valued pooch, Bark conducts a challenge test on it. Volunteer dogs put into test. They were Lily, which is 10 years old, and Walter, which is 1 ½ years of age. Moreover, both of them already encountered this doggy box before this challenge. Another thing to look for in this challenge is their ability to recognize this doggy box.

With lots of excitement, the two dogs can’t stop barking and jumping. Upon opening, what comes in barkbox challenge is a Mardi Gras design that has toys and treats. Walter excitedly went after a rope toy with Madi Gras design. While, Lily grabbed the treats with Catfish Po’ Boy background.

Seton is the owner of these two dogs. According to him, the Barkbox it is really a jolly surprise for both the dogs and for him. Walter is very fond of the toy inside the Barkbox for almost one week. Basically, what comes in barkbox per month are enticingly a striking. In addition, Lily loves the treats so much. What comes in barkbox maintains Seton’s supplies of treat greatly stocked up. Because of this, both Lily and Walter are very glad with what comes in barkbox.

Pet Owners Barkbox Review

Like any other products available in the market, the pet owners Barkbox reviews are also widely available over the web. Below are some of the samples of the Barkbox reviews from its true buyers.

Customer’s Positive Feedback

One of the Barkbox subscriber, Maddie R. testified via her great experience in subscribing to this doggy box. She says that,

“From petbox subscriber, we change to barkbox and we love it a lot. Everything we heard is true about this doggy box. They said that they catered various variety and they really did. Moreover, it was an unique enticing way of giving brand new items for your pooch in different sizes. Because of this, every month seems to be Christmas season for my doggy, especially during the delivery of his barkbox. This doggy box really worth your money.”

Moreover, Bets, another Barkbox buyer, says that this product is really a great box. According to her via,

“After receiving our 2nd Barkbox for the month, we saw that the boxes for each month are really unique from each other. Moreover, I am very happy with different variety inside it. The theme for this month was about movie night and the items were all about pizza and popcorn.”

Customer’s Negative Feedback

However, aside from the good things about it, there are some downsides of this product that comes along with Barkbox reviews. In fact, Gerry B. says his not so good experience on Barkbox via He said that,

“Our Barkbox that was good for 3 months period was a gift for us. Unfortunately, our pooch has allergies in food. Because of this, I communicated Bark and requested to alter the treats and the snacks included in the box. To my surprise, their customer service responded very late. I send too many email messages. When the time comes for them to reply, they made an assurance to us that my dog will belong on the list with specific dietary needs. But, on the next box delivery, what comes in barkbox still unchanged.”

Furthermore, Kathleen K. expressed her dissatisfaction over Barkbox subscription via Kathleen says that,

“I want to cancel my subscription of Barkbox because of my dogs that have big built and most are aggressive chewers. Every month I received a stuffed toy that only lasts for 15 minutes. I reached out to Bark every month and requested to send toys that are fluff-free. On our monthly conversation, they confirmed that they will fix the problem. However, every month I still got a stuffed toy.”

These are some of the Barkbox reviews from their real customers. Subscribing to get one of this doggy box to be able to experience its enticing features depends primarily on you and your doggy’s need. However, you may read more of the Barkbox reviews if you still needs to. This way, it will be a great help for you to decide whether to subscribe to this item or not.