Which Dog Breeds are Best with Cats? Here are 12 of the Feline-Friendly Doggos


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Many pet lovers don’t just give love to dogs, they also extend their TLC to another furry buddy – cats. Felines are adorable pets, but if you’re also planning to get a dog to live with them, you need to do a little research. Not all canines can live with a cat, let alone another dog. So the question is this: which dog breeds are best with cats?

Stereotypes make us think that there’s an endless war with cats and dogs. Thanks to the movies and idiomatic expressions, these two pets are often seen as enemies. But if you know how to match each pet’s temperament with the other, dogs and cats can actually live together. Some of them become best friends too.

It’s a fact that almost all dogs may chase a cat or nip them. Still, there are some breeds that are more behaved and tolerable of felines. If you’re planning to introduce your kitty to a doggo, here are 12 of the best breeds to consider:

1. Beagle

This happy-go-lucky doggos will become a partner in crime of cats. They love living in a pack which makes them friendly to other dogs and animals. Beagles see cats as a typical member of the household and not a threat.

Take note that since Beagles love sniffing, they may annoy your cat at some point. Still, this is just a spur of the moment inconvenience. Beagles will do anything to befriend cats.

Anyway, the howling and barking may put your cat in an uncomfortable situation. Still, you’ll have peace of mind that your kitty is safe with a Beagle. These doggos don’t have nipping or biting tendencies.

Beagles love bolting around and romping and they will likely leave your cat alone. This dog also loves to cuddle when they had a dose of fun. Just a tip: if you live in an apartment, Beagles are not the best dog breeds for families with cats.

which dog breeds are best with cats

2. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known to be gentle, intelligent, and friendly to everyone – including cats. Aside from their excellent trainability, Goldies are extremely patient and tolerant of their environment.

Golden Retrievers can put up with all the pulling and cuddling of little kids. With that, cats will just be a piece of cake to live with. Although they are a big breed, Goldies are cinnamon rolls that will cuddle and play with your kitty.

Puppy Goldies are more yappy and playful which may suit a kitten. But as the Goldie grows older, it will start to mature and know its limits. Unless asked to join, a Golden Retriever won’t overstep on the situation.

Golden Retrievers also have an outgoing personality and just the right amount of energy level. This makes them a perfect companion for cats and kids. Also, Golden Retrievers are pretty enthusiastic and they don’t see cats as threats to their household.

3. Basset Hound

Bassets are calm, gentle, and prefer loafing around the house – a perfect match for your cat! Basset Hounds prefer being low key and their friendliness makes them an ideal companion for other animal pets.

Which dog breeds are best with cats? Although Bassets tend to be stubborn, they are loyal and very patient of their environment. They are also well-mannered dogs but they drool a lot and may tend to howl if left alone.

Like their cousin breed Beagles, Bassets are sniffing machines that will follow a scent to their heart’s content. It may annoy your cat a bit but this breed is generally harmless for your kitty.

Since these hush puppies are known to be welcoming of other dogs, a cat won’t bother them or make them feel threatened. Actually, it would be beneficial for a Basset to have a companion pet as they tend to develop anxiety if left behind alone.

4. Labrador Retriever

Like Goldies, Labrador Retrievers are favorite family pets because of one thing: their patience. They are very tender dogs that can put up with all the stubbornness and sassiness of a cat.

Labs are big dogs but they also have a big heart for other animals. It may take them a little while to get used to the new member of their family, but Labs are patient enough to adjust. In fact, Labs will still cuddle with your cat even if they had a fight.

Labrador Retrievers are known to get along with any species. And since they are always eager to please their owners, Labs are amenable to share the spotlight. They are one of the best dog breeds for families with cats.

Just remember that Labs can’t live in an apartment due to their active nature. They need a yard to romp around and dispense their energy.

which dog breeds are best with cats

5. Collie

Collies are natural herders which mean they welcome the presence of other animals. If trained well, they will be tolerant of any species.

Collie dogs are very affectionate to their families but they tend to become vocal so you may want to reconsider if you’re planning to house the dog in an apartment.

When it comes to mingling with cats, Collies are likely to leave the kitty alone while they romp outside.

Collies are intelligent dogs but they also have a strong will of their own. This may need the expertise of an experienced dog owner. They also need more grooming than other breeds due to their flowy fur.

Aside from sharing their love for cats, Collies are extremely loyal breeds. Remember Lassie the dog? The story is inspired by Collie’s intense devotion to their owners.

If you’re planning to get a Collie, make sure that you get the pup from a responsible breeder. Collies also need early socialization to dampen aggression.

6. Pug

Which dog breeds are best with cats? From their cute and smushy faces, you’ll know that Pugs are nothing but sweethearts. Their gentle and clownish disposition makes them an ideal pet to live with cats.

Pugs may have little bodies, but it’s overwhelming with love. And since they tend to get heartsick when left alone, cats can become their best buddies when their owner is away.

These doggos love to snuggle and cuddle. If they aren’t loafing around the house, they are napping or going deep into their goofy ways.

Pugs have a very gentle nature which makes them great pets for families with kids. They also give the same treatment to cats. And if they are in the mood, they can be tough playmates to your feline.

The only downside with Pugs is they are mired with various health problems. They also tend to drool which can be an issue to some owners.

which dog breeds are best with cats

7. Papillon

Upon seeing their butterfly ears, you’ll know for sure that you’re dealing with a Papillon. But aside from their majestic appearance, they also share the same size of a cat which is ideal for small houses.

Like Beagles, Papillons are happy-go-lucky dogs that will join the fun no matter what. Also, they don’t mind mingling and playing with cats.

With that, they are one of the best dog breeds for families with cats.

As cousins of Spaniels, Papillons have a hard-wired playfulness and affection to their owners. They are very intelligent dogs but their strong will may come in the way of training.

Although Papillons are small breeds, they aren’t lapdogs. They won’t settle and cuddle as they enjoy flirting around and looking for something to get busy at.

Aside from their moderate yet manageable energy level, Papillons don’t shed which is ideal for owners with allergies and issues with cleanliness. And if you want an agile dog, Papillons won’t disappoint.

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Fearless yet affectionate, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs are one of the favorites of owners who want an adaptable dog. Another cute thing about Cavalier dogs is they have the face of a puppy even if they are already adult pooches.

These Spaniel dogs retained the hunting skills of their ancestors. Instead of settling as a lap dog, they prefer chasing a bird on the yard. Still, you don’t have to worry as they’re unlikely to pester your sassy kitty.

Which dog breeds are best with cats? Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs can live in an apartment, something that comes as a surprise for those who know their nature. Although they are playful and energetic dogs, these Spaniel doggos can stay happy in a small space.

If you’re planning to own this breed, fight the urge to spoil it with food. These Spaniel dogs can get fat really fast if you don’t keep an eye on their diet.

9. Dachshund

Dachshunds are the smallest hounds but they got an enormous personality.

These short-legged doggos are willful, loyal, affectionate, and determined. Still, they know how to respect another animal in the household.

These doggos are very easy to train which can reduce their affinity to howl. As much as they thrive in apartment settings, their noisy nature might put their owners in trouble with the neighbors.

Many dog owners fondly describe Dachshunds as “half a dog high plus a dog and half long”. Although this breed is relatively small, some breeding variances in other countries may yield a taller version.

How about their energy level? Dachshunds are manageable although they love playing around. This is something that will make them in harmony with cats. And since they are small, they’re less likely to earn the ire of a sassy feline. Also, their lively disposition will cheer up your household.

which dog breeds are best with cats

10. Bulldog

These stocky doggos are as big as their love for other people. Bulldogs are always playful and they stay as stubborn teen puppies even on their later years. If you don’t give a Bulldog enough cuddles, they will be heartsick and they’ll throw a childish tantrum on you.

Bulldogs can get along with cats but they could be a bit sassy and snobbish when it comes to other dogs. When it comes to their owner and kids, they have an unwavering dedication and affection.

Like its cousin breeds, Bulldogs are clownish and playful. Although they are a bit energetic, they prefer being a couch potato instead of chasing birds and squirrels.

Worried about their bull-baiting past? Well, my friend, it’s gone for good. Their ferociousness in the past is now the total opposite of their clingy and lapdog-like nature. Just beware since Bulldogs are muscular and can topple knickknacks in your house.

11. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These little and cute doggos won the hearts of many including Queen Elizabeth II herself! Besides, who wouldn’t find their tail-less butts adorable?

Corgis are playful but not too intense even for newbie owners. Also, they don’t mind being around a cat and living in a small apartment.

Corgi dogs are very intelligent and easy to train. Also, they don’t have any tendencies to bark out of nothing and they don’t drool. All of these characteristics make them an ideal pet for families. However, you’d have to deal with the heavy shedding.

It’s important to subject a Corgi to obedience training before placing in a household setting. As a herder, they tend to nip on kids’ toes during playtime. It may also bother your cat but rest assured that it’s harmless and usually done for fun.

When getting a Corgi, look for a responsible breeder. This way, you’ll be assured that you have an even-tempered and a healthy pup.

12. Boxer

Boxers are muscular dogs; still, don’t be fooled by their size. These doggos channel their energy to playtime and showing their love to their owners.

Boxers can annoy your cat for fun but they wouldn’t dare hurt your precious kitty. If trained properly, you have nothing to worry about owning a Boxer.

If you want own this breed, make sure that you can put up with all its energy. As a large dog, Boxers need to romp, walk, and run. Beware because they can get headstrong too if you don’t show who the boss is.

Wondering which dog breeds are best with cats? These 12 are excellent choices. Although these doggos have their own personalities, all of them can suit various households.

Not sure how your cat will react with the arrival of puppies? Here’s a short vid of Floki meetings his new furry friends: