Still Asking Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys? 5 Reasons Are Here


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Dogs have this natural characteristics of being naughty and playful. They tend to like those toys with some noisy sound. But, why do dogs like squeaky toys?

Even though the sound seems disgusting to people. Meanwhile, for canines these toys get their full attention. This is especially applicable for dogs that are very energetic.

That’s why do dogs like squeaky toys! Almost all of them are very fond of the sounds created by these toys.

For us to be able to have a concrete idea why do dogs like squeaky toys, below are some information that you should need to know.

Reasons why do dogs like squeaky toys

1. Dogs have a hunter behavior

Historically, these noisy toys produce canine behavior like that of a hunter. These four-legged animals are rooted from the family of wolves in the wild forest.

Being a natural hunter, canines considered the sound coming from the squeaky toy similar to an afraid small animal. Canines love to hear this sound as for them it is the sound coming from their prey.

Generally, they react to this scenario through ear twitching and detecting their prey through their nose. They also do the stalking and running after their prey.

This seems true most especially in times when a dog loses interest on squeaky toys which the squeaker has been removed. For dogs, this means that the animal is already dead.

This predator behavior is very natural in breeds like the terriers, herding, and sporting. So, if your dog belongs to any one of these breeds, primarily this is the reason why he are really fond of the squeaky toys.

2. Creating the process of predation

Predation involves some processes or certain steps in order to successfully get the prey. These steps include finding a prey, looking after them, and chasing them over the wild.

Moreover, catching the prey, biting, killing them and eating them are also part of the predation process. Hearing the sound of a squeaky toy, the canine automatically becomes active.

This signifies that he is already prepared to dig in those activities and execute them through playing. There also comes a time that a pooch hardly shake his head to put his prey into death when he handed a squeaky toy.

From here, the dog may decide to dissect his prey – the squeaky toy. This can be done by breaking the toy into pieces. Moreover, be cautious in this scenario as there are records of dogs that went on a surgery because of swallowing the squeaker.

3. Hearing response

Dogs really get enticed when they received a hearing response coming from these squeaky toys. As jumping over that toy creates and gives them a sound.

Moreover, the noisy sound produced by the squeaky toy enhances the brain of your pooch, especially the reward center. Because of this, canines have an amazing feeling from their brain that allows them to bite on the toy.

Basically, the squeaky toys provide an immediate reward to canines. And this is a joyful experience for them that they really want.

4. Memory booster

Even if it looks like a simple toy, it serves as a great memory enhancer for doggy. It boosts the mental capability of your dog every time they jump over that toy.

Furthermore, aside from this mental enhancement effect, squeaky toys also offer various benefits to your dog’s health. Basically, playing the squeaky toy allows your dog to engage in an exercise activity.

In addition to that, why do dogs like squeaky toys is because it reduces their fear. As this toy allows them to become preoccupied.

Also, squeaky toys help dogs to become physically and mentally well. It’s not just your pooch are trying to disturbed you because of the sound of the squeaky toy.

5. Dog Breed Consideration

There are only particular dogs who react to the sound of the squeaky toys. Meaning, not every dog has a similar response on this annoying toy.

Meanwhile, breeds that have a natural hunter behavior saw this toy as very appealing. Particular examples of this are the terriers.

The noisy toys are undeniably enticing to this breed. This is because the sound it creates mimics the sound of the mice.

Also, terriers are known to run and kill after those mice and other preys. Another is the breed of Retrievers.

These dogs really like those plush toys that produces quack sounds. However, even if dogs have similar level of hunting instinct, it doesn’t mean that they all get energized when they hear the sound of the squeaky toy.

Squeaky Toys as a Training Tool for Your Dog

Aside from the health benefits provided by the squeaky toys, it is also an excellent device for some training routine. How does it say so?

Squeaky toys enhance the canine’s prey drive thus giving you opportunity to develop their behavior into a desirable manner. Generally, compared to other training tools, squeaky toys are greater as they cater hearing responsiveness.

However, it is important to choose the right and safe squeaky toy for your dog. Go after for the size that is applicable for your pooch.

In addition, make sure that the squeaky toy is sufficiently sturdy that can withstand during the course of training. But, always remember your objective in providing a squeaky toy for your doggy.

These objectives may either be incorporated in the training routine. Or, it could be simply a type of boosting your doggy’s mentality.

Safety Precautions of a Squeaky Dog Toy

More than anything else, the safety and protection of our furry buddy is the top priority when we buy or give him something to play with especially the squeaky toys. Meaning, you have to give limitations in playing over the squeaky toy.

Moreover, you must always keep your focus on your dog during his squeaky toy playing time. The reason for this is to check after the safety of your pooch in case they tend to swallow some toy parts.

Generally, squeaky toys are made of plastic material. While, there are some that had a fabric material. From here, they are crafted and designed to mimic those that looks appealing for the dog and enticing for dog owner.

Aside from that, squeaky toys have an squeaker. It is an internal accessory that produces sound in the event the dog squeezes it. This squeaker is not harmful, but it can be a probable danger for your pooch in case they swallow it.

Basically, you have to ensure that the squeaky toy cannot be broken apart because this gives them the chance to get in contact with the squeaker. Better to thoroughly check the squeaky toy prior to providing them to your doggy.

It should have no tear or any openings that may allow the dog to dig in the internal parts. Puppies, large dogs and aggressive chewers that tend to chew roughly on toys encounter problem with this kind of toy.

Moreover, there are dogs that are able to cause so much damage to this squeaky toy even in a short span of time.


Furthermore, aside from the annoying toys like the squeaky toys, there are toys that fit well for big dogs. Despite of their huge body built, they can be a playful doggy as well.

Chasing balls, playing and pulling ropes, and even biting on it are the activities on the list of this kind of doggy. They also love to run in the park for quite some time.

This doggy playful behavior of large dogs is deserving to be rewarded with dog toys for big dogs. You may able to find these toys available in the market.

Generally, there are variety of choices for you to select. There comes in the form of balls, bouncing toys, rubberized dog items, and stuffed animals.

But, dog toys for big dogs need to be sturdy in order to suffice their needs. Sometimes, it is hard to find one for big dogs as these toys are more fit for smaller dogs.

Basically, you can not just give a stuffed toy to Labrador Retriever, Pitbull, Husky, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Mastiff, and other large dog breed. In case you hand them this kind of toy, expect to see a totally damaged product inside your house.

Generally, large dog breeds demand for a more durable dog toys for big dogs. The toys should be crafted from high quality materials that can stand firm over the chewing process.

The dog toys for big dogs should be large in order to conveniently grasped by the dog’s mouth. Meaning, the toys also need to belong in the list of dog toys that are indestructible.

Best Dog Toys for Big Dogs

Here are three of the best dog toys for big dogs that you might consider. Because of their amazing features these toys are highly recommendable for your big doggy.

These dog toys also provide amazing benefits. Check out those dog toys for big dogs below to find out the perks that they can offer.

Rubber Kong Extreme Dog Toy

This version of Kong Extreme Dog Toy is the bigger edition of the original Kong Dog Toy. This dog toy for big dogs has a feature to be filled with variety of dog treats including peanut butter.

Adding some kibble bits with some peanut butter will surely entice your pooch. This may be combined with some Kong Snacks and drizzled with Kong Treats.

More so, if you want to put your dog in a challenge, you may freeze this dog toy to excite them more. Your pooch can do anything they want with this dog toy.

It is suitable for chewing, licking, gnawing, or chasing after it in ever corner of the room. Through this, your dog will be mentally enhanced by making them busy doing those activities.

Rubber Kong Extreme Dog Toy is made of rubber that is very sturdy and at the same time bouncy. The rubber material used has the greatest durability.

Furthermore, this dog toy for big dogs is pretty much suitable for dogs that are rough chewers as this caters enhancement to your pooch. Its rubber that is purely all-natural and extremely sturdy are basically for hard chewers.

This dog toy has an odd shape that has a purpose in bouncing in an uneven surfaces. Moreover, this dog toy enhances the mental ability of your pooch and even trigger them to execute their innate instinct in honing.

Rubber Kong Extreme Dog Toy Features:

  • Applicable as a safe and dependable fetch rod
  • Aids in cleaning the teeth and assists in soothing gums
  • The materials are internationally come from the USA
  • Sizes offer come in three variety – small, medium and large
  • Excellent for topping with Treats and Snacks

Rubber Kong Extreme Dog Toy Customer Feedback

Over the web, different feedback from its user can be seen. There are lots of happy costumers of this Rubber Kong Extreme Dog Toy. As a proof, one user from Amazon says that,

“This rubber Kong Extreme dog toy is the one and only toy that stand firm on our pitbull that weighs more than 80 pounds.”

In general, like any other products, this dog toy for big dogs have their good perks and even bad effects as well. Read below their advantages and disadvantages for you to be guided about this dog toy product.


•Can be re-use
•Made from natural rubber material
•Do not stain easily
•Long life span
•Has different sizes available


•May be broken down into tiny pieces that can be chewed.
•Most canines are not attracted to it unless it is topped with treats and snacks.
•Perks of cleaning the teeth are vague because of the fluffy texture of the toy.

Rubber Kong Extreme Dog Toy has lots of amazing features and benefits to offer. As we can see, your pooch will definitely enjoy the idea of stuffing peanut butter over this toy. Surely, this dog toy for big dogs is really worth trying.

Nylabone Chew Toy

This dog toy for big dogs is not just simply a toy, it also has a purpose of cleaning the dog’s teeth while enjoying it. The Nylabone Chew Toy taste like bacon that has thick ends made of nylon material.

Moreover, this dog toy have soft ridges that provide excellent massage to the gums and great scrubbing of the teeth. This dog toy for big dogs also aids in diminishing the plaque and tartar through cleaning of more than thrice.

Dogs that weighs around 50 pounds and more than are the target user of this product.

Nylabone Chew Toy Feautures

  • Toys that act as a dental chews with cleaning activity of more than three times.
  • This Nylabone Chew Toy for dogs makes them become contented for their innate urge in chewing.
  • The shape of the Nylabone Chew Toy as well as its textures aid in cleaning the teeth. It also makes the plaque and tartar to diminished.
  • This Nylabone Chew Toy comes in an extra-large size pretty much suitable for canines more than 50 pounds.
  • Nylabone Chew Toy for dogs comes in delicious bacon flavor that dogs really love.

Nylabone Chew Toy Customer Feedback

This Nylabone Chew Toy not only makes canine happy but, also lets his owner satisfied as well. In fact one customer from Amazon states that,

“I have a guide dog that is a mixed breed of labrador and golden retriever. He weighs 60 pounds. But only Nylabone withstands his chewing. He always look for it and bite on it every time he comes home from work. This bacon-flavored bone is really his favorite.”

Basically, like any other products, this dog toy for big dogs have their positive and negative attributes as well. Listed in the next section are their advantages and disadvantages for your information about this product.


•Helps develop chewing in a healthy way
•Not capable of causing fractures of the dental cavity
•Has the ability to last for longer span of time
•Contains no added calories


•Cannot be digested
•May produce obstruction of the intestine
•There are many available imitation products in the market.

Nylabone Chew Toy for dogs is not just their simple and boring toy that they can chew and break apart. This chew toy is also a great help for their dental cavity. Due to its excellent features that the dogs and the dog owner will surely love, this chew toy deserves two thumbs up.

Zippy Paws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

Another dog toy for big dogs is the Zippy Paws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy. This dog toy caters a nice challenge for canines that helps to boost their intellectual capacity.

Because it stimulates the dogs memory, this dog toy will definitely enjoyed by your pooch. Included in this toy package are a burrow with 3 chipmunks that create squeaky sounds.

Zippy Paws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is a squeaky to and at the same time an interactive toy. Even dog owners may enjoy playing this toy with their dogs.

This dog toy is generally suitable for dogs that are large and are already matured. Definitely both the owners and large dogs will have an ultimate bonding experience with this squeaky toy.

With this toy, the dog will enjoy the action of digging the squeaky chipmunks out of the burrow. This makes this toy challenging for dogs that they can do it solo or can play it with you.

Definitely, your dog will ask you bring back those squeaky chipmunks inside the Burrow all over again for some time. This will keep them busy and occupied.

The material of this squeaky and interactive toy which is a soft fabric does not damage their teeth. Moreover, this is great for puppies that is teething or in an adult doggy that is playful.

Excellent for dogs that have sizes ranging from small to medium built. For them, the squeaks from the toy is very rewarding after playing the delightful challenge.

Zippy Paws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy Feature

  • The toy package includes a burrow and three chipmunks that squeaks.
  • It comes in a burrow dimension of 14x6x6.
  • This squeaky toy has different sizes to choose from.

Zippy Paws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy Commitment

Zippy Paws core intention is to provide the very best for your doggy. The company subjects every single design into a meticulous drawings.

From that process on, they greatly hand-pick the materials and their finished products undergo quality testing. Their quality testing team commits to ensure that their dog toy product is an excellent one.

Moreover, like any other products, this dog toy for big dogs have their advantages and downsides as well. Below are the Zippy Paws Squeaky Plush Dog Toy advantages and disadvantages for your information.


•This toy provide a high level of intellect to your dog.
•A very challenging dog toy
•Great for dog interaction and also with the dog owner
•Suitable for every single dog


• The included plush toys can potentially harm your dog because it can be easily break and may produce any health concerns

This dual purpose squeaky and intellectual dog toy is a great bonding for the dog and the owner. Due to its other features that really amaze the dog and the human, this product is definitely worth buying.


Prior to buying a dog toy for big dogs really requires time to select for the best one available in the market. It is really a hard one that you have to attempt playing out different toys in order to know which is appropriate for your big doggy.

Maybe, your pooch would probably like the three suggested toys. But, you are the only one who knows their ability and the toys capacity. These are the primary factors that you might have to consider.

Moreover, you must have to choose the best dog toys for big dogs wisely. Always consider the dog toy size that is appropriate for the size of your dog.

Also, take in consideration the enjoyment that your pooch may definitely get from any of the dog toy for big dogs. For sure, purchasing the appropriate dog toy for them will not only make your dog enjoy, but you as well. These dog toys for big dogs may also serve as a tool of your bonding, for sure.